Thursday, 24 November 2016

Global design project-Glamper greetings stamp set

Hello Fellow Card Makers! 
Im challenging myself in a variety of ways this week! As you might have noticed, my blog has been quite of late-I'm Updating some of my massage therapist qualifications, and the school work has been....Time consuming to say the least-but thats about to change. Even though I have HAD school work, I haven't stopped making cards, as Ive said many times before, Card making is like therapy for me...It relaxes me to play with paper, colour and glue.  I have certainly NEEDED a bit of relaxation during my school work, let me tell you! 
I stepped back a bit from the blogging side of it, merely because of the time factor, but if Im honest, it doesn't take TOO much time, really, especially if Im just uploading a few photos. So my number 1 challenge is to blog weekly again-and I hope you will come and Join me!

Global Design Project Theme

Colours-peekaboo peach, might of navy, and mint macaron
Colours-Pool party, so saffron, and sweet sugarplum
Glamper greetings stamp set. Stampin Up holiday catalog 

I had SUCH FUN designing these cards-The Global design projects theme is a great one-I mean there are so many different adventures in life aren't there? -Starting school, leaving school, Engagement, marriage, having babies, moving houses, becoming an aunt/uncle/grandparent, retirement...Wouldn't it be great if we celebrated each one... each one IS a milestone after all. 
I read a quote once, that said something like-"Accept each challenge you face, and Rejoice-for many will never have this opportunity and would wish for it..." Its really all about the attitude you bring to a situation that makes it either stressful or something exciting.
I hope you enjoyed todays project!

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