Thursday, 2 March 2017

Happy stampers unite!- Lets use the Custom Tee stamps!

Isn't stamping and colouring one of the most relaxing pastimes? 
If I'm stressed-I stamp. If I'm anxious-I stamp. If I cant figure something out-I stamp- and the answer usually comes. 
Using colour, and designing something pretty out of nothing-it's so rewarding-and when you have someone in mind to give it too-even better. 

Custom Tee stamp set meets Inside the lines designer series paper

 Love this sentiment-"Happy stamper"

Stitched shape framelits add a tiny detail that finishes the card off nicely!

I made todays card for my downlines new downline! Im so excited for her-she is taking the wonderful opportunity to sign up during saleabration-which is a BRILLIANT time of year to join stampin up-so many bonuses!!!!

If you are a paper crafter, be it a scrapbook artist, or card designer-(or of course any other mixed media artist!) Coloured card stock, Inks, Ribbon, and Stamps are possibly your relief from the stresses of a busy, sometimes stressful life.
You might even already have be someone who LOVES Stampin Up! (You are reading my blog, after all!!) 
Would you like to get your supplies at a discounted price? Even get a free free things along the way? Have you considered Joining up? 
If your wish list contains MORE than $169 worth of items-its time to think seriously why you DONT want to join up... 


  1. You would be saving money-You get to choose $235 worth of gear for only $169.
  2. You would be saving money-Until the 31 of March you get to choose 2 free stamp sets of ANY value to add to your collection ON TOP OF THE $235 worth of stuff you have already chosen!
  3. You would be saving money-You get an ongoing 20% (minimum) discount for any thing else you purchase AFTER you join.
  4. You don't have to sell. Its that simple. There is no pressure to sell at all. 
  5. Minimums arent a big thing. Because if you don't meet them-theres no penalty-and you have had all the benefits for as long as you wanted them anyway! (if you joined today- you still get almost 4 months of benefits even if you never bought another thing)
  6. The inspiration from the our online team is SUPERB. Any question answered. Ever. "How do I make pop up cards?". Boom. Answered. "Where do I go to start a blog?" Boom. Answered. seriously-I'm NOT kidding. It's amazing.

Now the Big question-Why don't you want to join up? 
If your wish list is longer that $169-that's probably a hard question to answer!
 But if the answer is-
"Hey, actually, I DO WANT TO JOIN-where do I sign up?"
-I'd love to have you on my team! 
Its as simple as this-click the button below and start choosing your $235 worth of gear! (Shall I say it again? for only $169!!!!) If you need ANY HELP AT ALL don't hesitate to contact me!

I hope you have enjoyed todays post-I hope your day is fabulous, and you can squeeze in some creative therapy!
Petra x


  1. Love the combination of the Tee 👚 shirt and SAB paper.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I really liked the combo too! I appreciate your comment, and visit to my blog!!!


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