Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Up in the air- Global design project

Have you got an embarrassing craft habit? I think I do....Ribbon hoarding. I needed 1 piece of white bakers twine, for this weeks global design projects project, and went to my ribbon scrap heap. (see photo below. IT REALLY IS A HEAP!!) 
NOPE- I didn't have any, but my shame over the AMOUNT of ribbon scraps I hoard, made me use some of them in todays project. lol. 

Todays FABULOUS challenge is "case the designer" and what an amazing designer we are CASE-ing today-Krista Frattin. SUCH a talented artist.  Heres the card we are CASE-ing (copy-and-selectivly-edit) today 
Click here to let the designers, and other entries inspire you!
Here is my entry-

Lift me up and thoughtful banners bundles

ribbon "scraps"-I'm a ribbon hoarder!!

I DO love ribbons though!

use up your scraps!!

Tip of the day-To Use up some of my ribbon, I taped a long piece of (retired) night of navy ribbon along the long side of the card, and then tied either bows (if I had enough of that sort of ribbon) or flat knots (if I didn't) along it. 

I hope YOU enjoyed todays project, and it makes you use up some of the ribbon YOU might hoard too!! 
Have a great day- with a little creativity thrown it!!
Petra x


  1. Gorgeous - as always Petra! Yes - me too - I'm a ribbon hoarder!
    Thanks so much for playing along to the GDP again this week. xo

    1. Thanks so much Louise! I had so much fun- I love Krista's designs. I think I might have another sneaky go! Lol

  2. Awesome card Petra!! Love your ribbon hoarding picture. hahahaha. Thank you for playing along with the Global Design Project this week - amazing you have two entries this week - WOW!!

  3. I adore your card Petra and I am a ribbon hoarder too, and buttons for that matter :) x

    1. lol, Im glad Im not the only one!! thanks for your comment, and your visit to my blog!

  4. Fun card, Petra! Love the way you've positioned the balloon on the ribbon and over the sentiment. Thanks for playing along with this week's CASE the Designer Challenge at the Global Design Project!

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts on my card, and for popping in to tailored craftiness!


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