Monday, 23 January 2017

#GDP71 Off the page!

Another Global design project challenge- and this weeks is a doosy! Off the page isn't something I do a lot of-but I see such amazing demonstrator projects on pinterest, that occasionally, I love to have a go myself!

This Challenge is EXCELLENT. Perfect timing too-because when I saw what the challenge was, I realised that  I had just made team gifts last week, but that I hadn't blogged about them yet, but that would totally fit this challenge!

Back when Stampin up produced "Blendabitlites" (***sigh. blendabilities. I miss those...) I bought this shrinky dink paper. Its AWESOME-and can be coloured with alcohol based inks and markers. 
Since I gave up my markers though, I haven't really used it much, but I really wanted to make something for my team for sale-a-bration. so pulled them out to make some scissor savers! (or key rings-whichever you prefer...)

Here is my entry!
Key chain...

...Scissor saver!
I made Scissor savers (attach the ring to your scissors so that you never lose them in a class or event again!-I later attached a key chain as well, in case one of the team would prefer to attach them to their keys!)
Cute don't you think? that Teeny-tiny little tasty truck with its MINISCULE little ice creams-

Heres how-
1-stamp the tasty truck stamp in stays on ink onto the shrinky dink plastic. after this, cut out the shape leaving a decent white gap, Using a hole punch, cut out a hole to attach a link to later.
Prep-ing images for baking.
2-Put a toothpick in the hole for the link (that stops it closing up when baking) and place on a lined baking tray and put in the oven for 5-10 mins. I always check at the 5 min mark to make sure they aren't touching or haven't gotten caught around the end of the tooth pick. They move DRAMATICALLY during baking. 
size comparison after baking
3-When they are the desired size carefully take the tray out of the oven, and flatten with a gloved hand. CAUTION! THEY ARE HOT!
...scissor saver or...
4-Attach the ribbons, link, and rings (for scissor savers) and a key chain attachment, if desired
...key rings!...
A few weeks ago I made these cards for my team, so when I was creating the shrinky dink scissor savers, I tried to think of an idea that would allow them to match with the cards.... I love  ribbons, and I had managed to recently buy some ribbon that matched mint macaron from an outside craft shop, so I teamed the sweet sugarplum SU ribbon with the mint macaron I had snagged, and together, they seemed to match with the cards well. 
Tasty trucks gift cards 
how they arrived-
attaching the team gift to the card.

I hope you like my "off the page" attempt- Im really still a learner at managing to create handmade gifts, but I really enjoyed making these!

I'd LOVE to send you one too-why not join my team? 


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so, to do the math-
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Do I have to meet any sales requirements?
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  1. I love this Petra - what a great team present! I need a find some white shrinky!!! Kelly x

    1. Awwwww! Thanks Kelly! I bought it online- if I can find the name of the company, ill send you the link! It was s while ago (blendabities.... lol) but I'll look! X thanks for popping by!!!!

  2. Petra, these are just adorable!! Thanks for playing at Global Design Project with us this week as we go off the page.

    1. thanks So much Paula- I don't do it very often, but it was really fun to do! thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Are you flippin' kidding me?! WOW Petra - super adorable! Love these cute little guys. Thanks so much for playing along to the GDP again this week. xo

    1. LOL. you made me laugh! thanks so much for popping by and commenting. I LOVE playing with the GDP!

  4. Such a great project, and you're right, it's perfect for this challenge. Love how you made a matching card to go with your little trinkets. Thanks for playing with Global Design Project.

    1. I appreciate you visiting my blog-thanks so much for your kind comments!

  5. Your keychain/scissor saver charms are absolutely adorable, Petra! The Tasty Truck image looks even cute in miniature & the ribbons are a yummy addition. Always love a co-ordinating card & gift! ♥

  6. I an dying over these and I am totally making them. Did you use staz on ink? Thank you for taking the global design project challenge last week. So sorry that is a bit behind checking out all of the entires - Krista from canada


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