Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Remarkable You-Wedding Anniversary card.

Hello Wonderful crafters!

Im really excited about todays Post, for a few reasons.
The Card is for my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws 25th Wedding anniversary (-Are we really that old???) It doesn't seem possible, but, yes, they have been married for 25 years-worth celebrating huh?!? 

Also, the technique I have used, is relatively new to me. It's not something I discovered by myself, but something I learned from Connie Stewart-Click HERE to watch Connie's video.

I LOVE working with Vellum. It's transparency is just so elegant, and theres so many things you can do with it. The ONE down side is.....How do you stick it to your project? You can see all adhesives that you put on it. It has always made working with it challenging. Up until recently I used to put embellishments over where I had attached the velum to my project but sometimes, you just don't want to do that. Well, if this has been a challenge for you too... please keep reading!

The velum is adhered directly to the white flower- and you CANT see the adhesive!

Here are the steps
1-Emboss (or use stazon.... the embossed part was just part of my design) your flower from the Remarkable you stamp set on to you velum piece which will be at the front of your card, and also a piece of scrap whisper white. (you only need the flower portion for this design)

Embossed flowers from the remarkable you stamp set.

2- Fussy cut out the white flower
Fussy cut white flower. Remarkable you stamp set.

3-Squeeze a TINY (what is pictured was TOO much-it was only for photographic purposes) bit of tombo glue out-preferably onto a silicone mat (mine was out of action-I had lent it to someone.... it is now thankfully back home!) and pick it up with a Stampin' Sponge-marked for gluing purposes.

Glueing Velum can be tricky-but its now possible!

4-Depending on your project, you can now Tap the glue LIGHTLY straight on to your vellum, or as in my project I tapped the glue on the front of my white fussy cut flower.

Apply glue to the velum or the whisper white.

5-Line up your fussy cut flower over the back of the velum version of the same embossed image.
stick your fussy cut piece to the velum- without the glue showing!

6-It will stick beautifully, and, as you can see, my fussy cutting is rubbish, but...............
Im SOOOO not good at fussy cutting!

.........You wont notice the adhesive, OR the bad fussy cutting when it is up the right way.

No Adhesive is visable!

7-Now Feel free to layer as you might like-I Added a black and silver foil layer. You could add glue the same way all over the velum piece, but i added glue to just the white portion, so that I got that beautiful floaty effect that velum has.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on glueing Velum, and, Be sure to check out Connie Stewarts video above. 

Velum gift card holder on the inside.

EDIT-I forgot to add that I added a velum gift card holder made with the envelope punch board on the inside. How handy is THAT?

I hope you have a fabulous day-it's morning here, (9.15 am) and I've already spent 2 hours in the garden this morning- AND have finished my blog post-I'm feeling very accomplished!i


  1. I have tried this method after watching Connie video, but I have to tell you Petra, this card takes it up another notch! Love this use of the magnolia with fussy cutting backing, such an elegant result.

    1. Rachel- thankyou SO much for your comment. I was pretty excited when watching Connies video- I love using vellum, but always struggled with adhesives. It's been a game changer for me, lol. I'll be using vellum a lot more now, I think!

  2. Replies
    1. Awwwwww! You're just gorgeous! Thankyou SO much for your comment x

  3. Really lovely! Thanks for sharing your glue tips! Xx


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