Friday, 15 July 2016


Last month I blogged about the #frommetoyouwhenyourefeelingblue-
I hope you have had a go! 
Depression- no matter what it's form; clinical depression, anxiety, depression brought on by grief, even seasonal affective disorder, are all debilitating in their own way. 
And if we can be there for each other, what a profound impact we can have on our neighbourhood- our communities!! To think, and care for each other is a basic requirement for life. But "life" makes us feel like we are too busy to do anything- and we feel helpless. But the most profound impact someone can make on a persons life is just to be ready with commendation, and encouragement. 

letters, about to be sent

Bear hugs and words of truth stamp sets (words of truth is retired)
Bear hugs and words of truth stamp set (words of truth is retired)
Foxy friends and always an adventure stamp sets and die bundle
Swirly bird and sprinkles of life stamp sets

So to the people in my life- I love you very much, and want you to know it. Each of you is special in your own way, and I'd never want to be without you're unique "specialness"
I hope you will get that message when you get my cards xxxxx