Thursday, 26 May 2016

Swirly Bird and Swirly scribble bundle!!

Well. Let me start out by saying, I wasn't prepared to love this stamp set and die bundle as much as I do.
 In fact, if it hadn't been in the preorder (or certain other stamp sets that I was dying to get my hands on were!) I probebly wouldn't have gotten this set for some months. It was on my wish list, but quite a way down..... But. I can honestly say, I have   never used a bundle quite as much, (in such a short space of time) OR  loved the resulting creations as much, as I have done with the swirly birds stamp set and matching dies.

It's true. I must confess. 

I love swirly birds, and I love the matching swirly scribbles dies. I really do. They are an amazing set, with the potential for huge variety. (And, joy of joys- if you buy them together, you will get 10% off!) Pairing them with a set like.... Sprinkles of life, or playful pals... Well the variety is almost endless!
Here are some samples:
Swirly bird kite
emerald Envy

Swirly bird flower
Swirly bird Kite
Sprinkles of life clouds

Swirly bird climbing roses

I love this card. I want to give due credit to the lovely demonstrator who inspired my card-Ilina Crouse. If you click on the picture above, it will take you to her original post.

Ilina Crouse

Swirly bird, with bird eggs and swirly scribbles nest.
Swirly scribbles nest,
playful pals bird

Nest tutorial:
Did you see those cute nests in the last 2 samples? Here's how you make them! 

1. Cut out the "leafy" scribble in the die set

2. Place the die on a contrasting piece of card stock, and trace around it with a pencil. You can skip the leaves of you like. :-)
3. Cut it out
4. Cut the die cut card stock into a nest shape.

5. Put the "nest" on where it will go on the constructing backing piece. Mark the spot with a pencil for future reference. DO NOT GLUE IT YET.

6. Cut up the remaining "swirly die cut" piece into "twigs"

7. Weave these pieces through your nest. Tweezers are very helpful here!

8. Glue in place with a fine tip glue.

9. Position your nest over the backing piece, and glue down-but leaving the top unglued. Let dry completely.

10. Because the top is unglued, you can now trim neatly so the edge cannot be seen. after it is trimmed, you can secure with glue if needed.

11. Add a bird and some eggs if desired!
(Bonus Bird Tip- I used the little negative pieces from the swirly scribbles die cut for the plume of the  playful pals bird in my new nest!)
Playful pals bird, with swirly scribbles "plume"

I hope you enjoyed my post-are you looking forward to the new catalog yet? if you haven't got a demonstrator, please feel free to contact me, id love to send you out one!

Have a great day- and fit in some creative therapy if you can!


  1. So clever Petra. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow! that was quick!! Thank you SO much for your comment!! i really appreciate it!


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