Thursday, 2 July 2015

Create with Carl - Stamp ink paper

Stamp Ink Paper - Colour challenge 

Last week I made a nice card for challenge #2 and didn't get it uploaded in time, I didn't make the cut off. If you want to see it go back a bit in my blog "pretty in pink" and it is there, This week has been a bit less crazy busy and I will get it uploaded in time, LOL. 

Justin is testing me this week my first colour challenge. I have only done the sketch challenges up to now, but always up for a challenge I wanted to give this one a good shot. Here are the colours below.

Now I love "Real Red" it is the colour of fast cars and fire engines, and Jessica Rabbit looked pretty good in red as well. (WOW) The other colours I wasn't so sure but when I put them together they all looked great together. So that is how I started this card caper I took a sheet of each of the colours and put them together and did a bit of staring. In the DSP pile I found a piece of card that had the same colours and a bit of a nautical theme. My idea became clearer I was to make a porthole in the paper so as to see an image on the other side. 

Now as I usually work with sketch, I was flying solo on this card free to make whatever I wanted, so what to do? Hmmmmmmm  what to do? Hmmmmmm what to do? Ok enough of that, start cutting.

I decided to break free from my usual white card-stock base and just use the colours, radical I know. "Smokey Slate"  was to become the base card, (and yes I did get permission to raid the new paper pack. I'm not used to such big sheets, A4 lol,  and was trying hard not to waste any) I cut a "Real Red" matt and then a "Bermuda Bay" matt. As usual I was not feeling it, TOO MUCH "BERMUDA BAY" was all I could think. As I was trying not to waste card-stock, I wouldnt cut another matt, so I had to make it work. I had on the bench a chevron border cutter, see below, (I don't know why, I don't remember getting it out, it was just there) I started to just cut holes in the "Bermuda Bay " card, -------- OK starting to look better.

The porthole I wanted to go through both sheets, while leaving a nice red ring visible, allowing us to then see the "Smokey Slate" background, Have you tried doing this? What a nightmare, I used the wrong punch to start with and cut the holes through both sheets too big (2 inch punch), I didn't have anything that would cut the hole in front just a little bit bigger, the next punch was 2 and a half inches, way too big. So I kept the front circle at 2 inches and turned the back matt around and cut another circle 1 3/4 inches through the "Real Red" (you can't see the mistake cutout anyway). The almost impossible part is how do you get the new circle lined up with the other one and make it match, I cannot explain how I got it to work, basically because I don't know, needless to say I am older and wiser now due to my trials and tribulations. (hint: maybe use dies rather than punches in the first place)

I have wanted to use the "Guy Greetings" stamp set for a while and tonight was the time.  I liked the anchor and the anchor sentiment, mainly because the anchor fitted nicely in the porthole opening, (it is a very cool anchor stamp, makes me think of an old sailor tattoo). The stamps are photopolymer so I just lay the stamps on the card dry to see how it works before stamping. I am happy with the stamps but there is still not enough "Smokey Slate", I cut out a little strip just to see what it would look like and "BAM" that was it (ideas can hit hard times). What if I thread it through the chevrons, brilliant, a little more "Real Red" and a little more "Smokey Slate" was now showing and I was happy. 

Finished off with a flag from the nautical DSP and a bit of chunky bakers twine as a rope and there it was, my first colour challenges and I am very happy with the result. I hope you like it too. 

"Your my anchor" a manly sentiment
Thanks for reading. 

My tip for new crafters:  TEXTURE 
Using a piece of chunky bakers twine on the card added a dimension that I thought was lacking, I wound it up like a rope and glued it on with "fast fuse", the rope idea works well with the anchor.

Adding texture to your cards can just give them the little bit more you might be looking for. You can even use paper to add texture, perhaps by ripping the paper instead of cutting it or using a dimensional to raise one small part up off the page. Texture adds depth and life to the finished product. Give it some thought on your next project and see what you can add to take it to the next dimension.

Till next time - Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper"


  1. Awesome job Carko xxxx you're going to eclipse me!

    1. Who is this carko??? Thanks babe I will never eclipse you. Your cards are awesome

  2. You know who I mean, CARLO! X

  3. Awesome card! I love how you used the Chevron border punch! Thanks for joining us this week at Stamp, Ink, Paper for our color challenge!


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