Thursday, 9 July 2015

Create with Carl - SIP challenge 4


Hi everyone its the stampinupbloke back again with a another SIP challenge

Sip challenge 4 was entitled Inspiration and it was neither a sketch or a colour group, just a photo of a ball of flowers. At first I didn't know what to do with it as I had never thought of using everyday scenes as inspiration for a card.

However I was intrigued with the geometric patterns in the background.

Click on the link in the picture to go see the design teams Inspired creations. (Oh after you have read this blog please)

I also was taken by the lattice frame in the background as well. Now maybe it's the builder in me but I wanted to replicate these shapes, the flowers were not that interesting to me and I knew I would just try to pick some colours from the bunch to add in some detail at the end.

I have used the timeless elegance DSP a few times recently and there is one piece in the collection that particularly caught my eye, however it is a bit somber in my humble opinion. Due to my humble opinion of the DSP I decided to make a sympathy card, I haven't seen that many home made sympathy cards, and I wasn't sure if I could get it right If I did (still not too sure if this one is right either). I know the Photo is from Andrea"s wedding (Andrea is on the design team and has made a real nice card from this inspiration, "Congratulations Andrea") and I don't want to bring down the mood too much, so this card is not for anyone in particular just a general sympathy card.

To start with I drew myself a sketch of my inspiration from the inspiration, I have no idea how to put that sketch up here so just imagine it on a piece of printer paper scribbled on with a pen. The sketch made it easier to visualise the final project. I wanted angles at the top, a lattice look piece angled in the middle and two circles for the flower ball representation. As usual I didn't think of the sentiment until I was ready for it and so had to come up with an idea for how to make a giant sentiment fit in with the card idea. The "heartfelt sympathy" stamp set was perfect and had a lot of really thoughtful sentiments. I chose this one because I liked the curly R.

I think sympathy cards need to be toned down in colour but not just black and white or tones of grey. The card needs some brightness but not psychedelic, its meant to show you care, not show how bright and bubbly you are. There is a time for everything. So the background and most of the card is tones of "very vanilla" and greys. From the bunch of flowers I liked the yellow flowers and chose a colour that kind of matched "daffodil delight", to go with that I used "tangerine tango".

These little splashes of colour make for a focal point and break up the darker tones without giving it too much colour. Just to finish it off a little bit of silver thread to add some texture and I am done Hope you like it.

Inspiration for sympathy

Till next time - Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper"


  1. Oh my goodness Carl, I love that you saw past the flowers in the inspiration photograph and I love your card! Sympathy cards are so difficult for me to make but you did a great job of being neither too dark nor too bright. I think the Timeless Elegance DSP worked perfectly! Thanks for joining us at SIP this week!

    1. Thank you Tina for your lovely comment. I have not made a card from an inspiration photo before, I am so glad that the SIP team are giving me the opportunity to try something new each week. I'm glad that my inspiration was not too out there. Thanks again


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