Monday, 1 June 2015

You're MARVEL-ous!

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Hi everyone, ok Petra said to me at the beginning that she found it hard to make cards for men and boys. So I was tasked with thinking of what makes a good masculine card. 


All males are just big kids at heart we love toys (they get more expensive as we get older but they are still toys) and if we could be anything at all most of us would choose our favourite superhero well I would anyway as I have definitely not grown up yet. 

So in line with this thinking I decided to make a series of Avengers cards as they are popular at the moment and I just saw the movie. So who first, well the first avenger is Captain America, decision made. What signifies The Cap well he is very patriotic so we have to have the Red White and Blue and some Stars and the most famous bit, his Shield.   

I started with three strips of the colours from his uniform (and of course the flag). I found an embossing folder in Petra's collection (lucky stars) and embossed all three sheets. I wanted to highlight the stars a bit and so  tried to put white ink on the sheet and emboss it that way OOOOPPPPS that didn't work quick clean the folder. Ok all good so I found a white pen (stampin chalk marker) and coloured in a few stars on the red and blue not too many so it doesn't take over. Then I cut out a couple of silver stars from the silver card stock glued them on, background done.

The shield: It may sound a bit stupid however this bit is important. I looked up the correct pattern from google as you have to get the colours right for this one otherwise all the Marvel fan club will come and haunt you forever, plus your son and partner will know if it's not right (yes it is that important to us blokes). The silver base is cut out with the circles die set and then the red and blue circles are just smaller circles from the same set. You could use punches if you have enough sizes or cut it freehand. I stacked it all up to give a feeling of depth to the shield finishing it off with the silver star in the centre. I hope all this makes sense but I guess in the end its just a bunch of circles glued together. 

The letter A in the top corner is for the Avengers I'm not sure if it works but it is stuck on now so it has to. I got Petra to do the sentiment as I was at work today and she printed it with the computer but it is my words.  You could also have "Your my little avenger" "Your a Marvel" "Hello Captain" You get the idea depends on how old your little man is I guess.

So I hope you like my first Avenger card I am sure there are lots of big and little boys who would be happy with this one. CASE away 

Till next time - Happy crafting - May all your cuts be paper!

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