Sunday, 28 June 2015

Tickled Pink - Create With Carl

It's Mojo Monday and Stamp Ink Paper

My two favourite challenges but I only have time to write one blog. What to do???

Hi everyone its thestampinupbloke back for another session of card making and card blogging. 

This week I have been helping Petra get ready for the big catalog launch party on Saturday, very exciting. My job is cutting card stock and lots of it, we are demonstrating a card and envelope, a nice little banner tag and a treat box to put it on. I have got square eyes from looking at the paper trimmer, and it is not playing nice even after I have changed the blade, not sure what is going on there. On Saturday I am manning the treat box table, hope I can remember which line to score along. 

Anyway I decided to make both my challenge cards from the same card stock and see if I could get a different result with the same colours. I have a shout out to make to the "Stamping Stud",  Stamping stud is another bloke making and blogging cards, on his blog here is a colour challenge that uses "Blushing Bride", "Basic Black" and "Tip Top Taupe". What? A bloke using PINK! say it ain"t so.  However it looked really cool, yes you heard it really cool!!!!!!! I never thought you would hear those words from this blokes mouth and if some of my mates ever read this blog I may not ever be seen again. But in the true sense of embracing my inner creative self I have been eating Quiche and making pink cards. 

So to begin Mojo monday.

I tried to stick pretty close to the sketch this week. I did a couple of cards recently, which you will see soon, that were made carefully to a sketch and they looked great. I thought, by trying to get too creative I am not making better cards just strange ones that are really hard to make work. Stick to the plan Carl and see how that goes. 
I found a piece of pink and thought this must be the one, however it is "pink pirouette" and not the "blushing bride". But it works for me, (I only know barbie is pink and that is all I want to know about pink.) 
The addition to the sketch for me was to matt both of the rectangles and the backing card with "Basic Black". I didn't want to use too much black as I thought this card would also have to be a pretty card as it was using pink, so I kept the black to a minimum. 

The watercolour wings stamp set has been everyones go to of late and I have not yet had a try. so this was the card for my first attempt. It took a little while for me to work out the order of the butterfly stamps and I made a few that look, well, down right awful. I was trying to use all my three colours and the black was just not working, sometimes less is more and by using just "pink pirouette"  and "tip top taupe" I got the effect I was looking for. 

Now I have to say my favourite part of this card is the white embossed sentiment on "Tip Top Taupe" card. How awesome does that look!!! If you try anything from my card try this. The bit of white ribbon is the final touch. I hope you like my Mojo Monday card.

Stamp Ink Paper.

This is the second SIP challenge it was a sketch challenge as well. The first SIP Challenge card I made in a rush and I was not really happy with it as a result. This week I had a bit more time and am much happier with the finished card.
Here is the sketch.

Im not sure if it looks the same for everyone but I saw a rim or a lip around the outside of the card sketch. ( it might not even be part of the sketch, Im not really sure anymore.)  I decided to get this effect I wanted to make it look like I had carved the card out of a piece of "Tip Top Taupe" and the other colours were under the surface. It throws some crazy shadows in different light and I think it looks kinda cool. 

By this stage I was getting pretty comfortable with the "Pink Pirouette" card. It's not so bad once you get started, and Barbie is a pretty hot chick after all. boomchicka wow wow.

Once again I stuck to the sketch and tried to get it to look as simple as I could. I had to do the outside border a few times and it was probably the hardest bit. I had problems getting it to cut straight and the issues with the paper trimmer didn't help. I ended up scoring it and using the paper snips to cut it out.  Don't you just love the Flower in white embossing again on the "TipTop Taupe". It comes from the stamp set "Garden in Bloom", thanks to Petra for her suggestion to use it.

Hope you like my finished SIP Challenge card

So thanks To the "Stampin Stud" for giving me the courage to use a colour that is not really my thing. Getting out of our comfort zone is a good thing, it helps us to become more accepting of the things that we might not like and who knows if you try it you might just like it. 

Till next time - Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper" 


  1. Both cards are very nice. I can see how you could have trouble using pink. (My DH loved to wear pink shirts when he worked in a real job. We're retired now and are enjoying it immensely.) You rose to the challenge and did a fabulous job with both cards. Keep the inspiration coming for all of us. I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Thanks HJ I always' enjoy your comments it's so encouraging. I hope I can keep up the inspiration :)

  2. Oh I love these Carl! Your Mojo Monday is my favourite. And I agree Barbie is very hot. hahahahaha - Love reading your posts they make me LAUGH!

    1. Thanks Kylie its nice to know someone is reading it. It was a pretty full on week and I only just got the Mojo one on the site. the SIP card missed out but I will be back next week


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