Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The New catalog is LIVE!!!

YAY!!! Its official-the New Catalog is HERE! AND you can view it online! Here are some samples!

 FOR ONE DAY ONLY you can purchase from last years annual catalog, this years annual catalog, AND the occasions catalog!!! How exciting is THAT??? But get your orders in quick, as the retiring list is selling out fast, and today is Sure to be the day that everything will GO!

Click on the catalog to see all the fantastic new stamp sets!

As you are browsing through the wonderful new catalog-start writing your wish list.... I usually do mine from most important to...those things I can wait a (tiny little) while for... and if your wish list is getting longer by the second, why not take advantage of an amazing promotion Stampin Up Is holding until the 30th of June...

Click here to receive FREE stamp sets!

If you choose to join my team from the 2nd of June until the 30th of June, you NOT only get the amazing deal of receiving $235 worth of the Stampin up products of your choice for only $169 BUT you also get 2 free stamp set! How amazing is THAT???? Its BRILLIANT! 

I also want to reward new team members with a starter pack of a bunch of things you may not have-a sampling of products from this catalog, just to get you REALLY excited! 

Does the term "team" make you nervous? Are you worried that you might have to pursue a business, when all really want to do is stamp? 
I want to EMPHASISE this, 
Hobby crafters MORE than welcome! 
 No obligations, No strings attached, join my team and you can either make your hobby work for you, or you can just reap the benefits of Demonstrator status! It really is a great way to get it all! 

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