Friday, 5 June 2015

Carls mojo Monday 400!!

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Hi everyone "Thestampinupbloke" Im back with another "mojomonday" edition. I found the sketch a bit tougher this week, I wanted to do something original and to start with all my ideas went in the bin. Here is the sketch.

The Sketch is a good one a simple design that can be done easily with the DSP paper you can get from our online store which has the script effect printed on it. It looks great and would suit any occasion you could possibly want it for. Cut the corner out with a 2 1/2 inch punch then with a sentiment stamped inside. "Bob's your uncle". 

However as usual my brain went in another direction. I had a dream (night time dream) about little people (I captured them in a plastic container) I even had a long conversation with them before releasing them at the bottom of the garden. I told you my brain was weird! (Petra thinks revealing this will bring the men in white coats) Any way when I woke up I was thinking Alice in Wonderland as you do. So I decided to make an Alice in Wonderland inspired card. 

After my Bugs Bunny creation of the other day it seems I had rabbits on the brain as well, so the hole became the rabbit hole and all I needed a white rabbit. Turns out there is no rabbit stamp. SU are you listening we need a rabbit stamp or even a punch, even better stamp and punch!!! I felt a headache coming on,  punch art was needed, I searched Pinterest looking for one I could copy, but they were all to big for my idea. So I used the bird builder punch and chopped it all up to get something that looks like a white rabbit, sort of.

My thought for the rabbit hole was that I wanted it to look 3d. First I tried stacking circles of different sizes and colours ,darker to lighter, that didn't work. Second I tried the aqua painter, you know graduated colours, shading etc. Now I'm no artist and it quickly became apparent that the aqua painter was not going to be my friend today, after 2 attempt with one that looked like a demented eyeball and the other looking like a brown splat, I retired the watercolour idea. 

What next, I thought well what about a spiral, like a hypnotist would use, that would give the impression of spinning into the hole. So I cut out 2 discs and with my "paper snips" I cut a spiral. So far so good, not very straight but what rabbit hole has straight edges. Then after linking them together It gave an interesting effect. By glueing the outside to the face of the card and the centre to  the back cover as you open the card the hole gets deeper.  Kinda Cool and definitely 3D 

My mojo Monday creation, featuring a punch art white rabbit!
Sentiment coloured with stampin up markers!

Now my tip for all the new stampers.

 Still obsessed with getting a fade effect on something. I wanted to try it for the sentiment,  so Petra showed me the marker pens and a technique called Huffing (no I'm not sure either?????). The marker pens are all the same colours as the ink pads but in a texta (Aussie slang for marker) form. By colouring the stamp with 3 different markers I got the fade I wanted. To stamp you just "huff" on it with your breath that makes the ink wet and then stamp it. Hooray it works.

Now the tip is this apart from the technique. If you can't afford all the ink pad colours you can get the basics (White, Black maybe some primary colours) as ink pads and then for half the price of the 10 full ink pads in each range you can get the full range of colours in a marker pen. It is always better to have the ink pad but for the sake of dollars the pens can give you a colour you want a bit cheaper. Check out our online store for the deals and details.

Stampin Up markers come in all the colour ranges-
Brights, Regals, Subtle's, and neutrals.

Any way hope you like this weeks effort.
Till next time - happy crafting - "may all your cuts be paper"


  1. This is brilliant! You really do come up with clever, original and artistic ideas and designs. What a great partnership the two of you are!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Each card he makes, surprises me even more!

  2. Hi Stephanie thanks for visiting. I hope I can keep making stuff that will inspire others.

  3. Oh, how fun! Love your little rabbit hole. Thanks for joining in the fun over at Mojo Monday!

    1. Thanks Julee it was fun to make. Thanks for your nice comment


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