Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Create with Carl- Punch art

Create with Carl

Whats up Doc!

Punch art!

Hi everyone, It the Stampinupbloke again.

Its been busy week it's freezing here at home and I am feeling considerably frostbitten. But I have a wood fire and plenty of paper to burn: I mean create with. Yes that will keep me warm. What shall I do this week?

Punch art What is it? How do you do it? I can't say I had never heard of it, hang around with Petra long enough and I'm sure I have heard lots of things that will eventually make sense. However I had no idea what was involved. Petra told me about a punch art challenge that was being organised ??????? Me being me (with no idea as I mentioned) said give me a go. So I was given Three punches and told see what you can make out of that.

Pansy Punch
Sweetheart Punch
Fun Flower Punch

As you can see being a bloke I said 2 flowers and a heart. So with great patience Petra showed me some examples and what punches were used to make each piece.  Ok now I think I understand! so then Petra went off to work and left me with it.
At first all I could see were flowers and hearts so I decided to start cutting the flowers and hearts up to see what they might look like in smaller bits. I took out my Paper Snips (What! "I Cant Believe Their Not Scissors") and I ended up with lots and lots of smaller bits, no surprise there I guess, there were little bits of paper everywhere, and yes I cleaned it up before Petra came back (had to I couldn't find the scissors). Some pieces started to look like they might turn into something, but staring at them didn't seem to be working, nothing was there. Most of that lot ended up in the bin. A couple of the larger pieces that stayed on the table became the basis of my inspiration.

In all my cutting I had cut the heart into half and as I turned it around and around on the table I thought of a cartoon character that I used to draw as a kid. Could I make it from all these little bits on the table? Assembly began, in my mind I was thinking that the whole thing was never going to look like I wanted it to but I am a bit OCD and couldn't stop now. After an hour this is what Petra saw when she came back from work.

Picasso Bunny.

Ok so it was a Picaso and I did consider stopping there as I now had the worst headache and couldn't see straight anymore. I took a break for a while and came back to it. Without the headache and with some advice on the background colours from my marvellous and patient tutor. I also used the Lucky stars embossing folder on the blackberry bliss background, just for the extra pop and wow factor.

it now looks like this...

Bugs Bunny Rocks

"How did you get bugs bunny from those three punches" I can hear everyone saying. Well I'm not sure how it happened but here are all the pieces.

Bugs Bunny Bits

As you can see a lot of the pieces are just little bits of the original punch piece, but that is what punch art is.It took some sculpting and adjustments but if you want to make one it just takes some patience and time. I couldn't get the teeth right with the three punches I was using, or the eyes so those bits are aftermarket parts (my rabbit looked cross eyed for quite a while, the round dots made a heap of difference).You could use what ever you want to make it look right I suppose.

So what have I learned from this experience. Well there are more to punches than meets the eye. A flower can be a rabbit who would have thought. So when using your punches try seeing them as shapes within the shapes. Cutting them into millions of small scraps is probably not the right way to do it and I'm sure the professional punch art makers, who are amazing I might add,  will be able to tell you the right way. But for a beginner it worked for me and in the end whatever works to give you the result. I also learned that this was fun so give it a go and see what you can create.

And my tip:
Get some punches with lots of cool shapes that are not straight and start cutting. You will need straight lines but the curves and strange shapes will lead your imagination on a merry chase. Don't worry if you chuck it in the bin more than once, its is art after all and even the masters threw away some of their efforts. Don't be too quick to give up either some of the best work by the master artists has come from their bin after looking at it from a new perspective.

Till next time - happy crafting - "may all your cuts be paper"


  1. Love your work Carl and so entertaining.

    1. Carl here- thanks Rosalie! I appreciate the encouragement!

  2. Oh wow, aside from an awesome punch art card Carl, a very very entertaining read!!! You have described what punch art really is like, great tutorial, can't wait for the next Create With Carl episode :)

    1. Carl here- thanks Carolina it was an enjoyable project I will definitely have another go thanks for the inspiration in your work your baby face card is a classic

  3. Well done Carl! I laughed at Picasso Bunny - you are too funny. And the paper snips comment - hahahaha.

  4. Carl here - thanks Kylie I am starting to enjoy the writing as much as the card making glad I made you smile. Thanks for all your help we are getting there thanks


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