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Carls "blokey" cards

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Hi everyone, thestampinupbloke again.

Blowing howling gale and raining cats and dogs, not much of a long weekend but perfect indoor weather.
I decided to make some really blokey cards for the Aussie man. What says Aussie bloke more than a V8 engine and a classic Aussie muscle car, apart from Beer ?????

Im a holden man myself ,don't hate me but we all have to pick sides, and I have been Holden forever. My dad is Ford but we won't hold that against him. Every year the Aussie bloke will sit and watch the   12 hours of Bathurst like it is his time in church. This is the epitome of the V8 world Bathurst, and to have a pilgrimage to the mountain is every red or blue blooded mans dream. Ladies if you want to spoil your loveable "bogan" send him to Bathurst, when the cars are racing, he will love you forever.

Anyway next best thing, and I can guarantee you this will go straight to the poolroom to be revered with the serenity of all things sacred to Aussie men.

I wanted to make an easy card that doesn't have too much stuff on it so any one can make it. I will start with The great holden classic: It is a piece of white card stock with a sponged red splotch (SU "Real Red" colour)in the centre. I used a piece of sponge and by wiping in a circular motion it is possible to blend from dark to faded out light. I found it helped to start off the card, on a backing sheet not the table top, and wipe on to the card until I got the colours started, then I could add more colour as I needed. Finally a simple sentiment from the guy greeting set and it just needed the holy grail ...... the Holden Logo.

How to do the Logo? I searched google for ages trying to find a logo that I could replicate from the SU punches or stamps. In the end it just had to be the lion!!!  No way can I get that right with punch art and besides it is supposed to be a simple card. In the end I printed out an image from google, placed the image over the "Real Red" circle I had cut out with the circle dies set, and used an embossing pen to press the image outline into the card (if you don't have an embossing pen you could use a ballpoint pen).
Once I had the outline I used the Stanpinup chalk marker in white to colour the image, came out awesome don't you think. I then glued the disc onto another circle, cut with the next size up die, and used the chalk marker to colour the line around to match the Logo.

Holden Card.

Now every car lover has his favourite model of the car. Holden has heaps of them. If you don't know which model it is thats ok there are some generic badges you could use, I have made a few of these below for you to get the idea. I didn't put them on the finished card because each car lover has his favourite and he will love it if you make the right one for him. I used the new rotary stamp to make all the banners it is a great stamp as you can make almost any word you like. It takes practice to get the technique right when stamping as it can get a bit messy and its not quite the same technique as the ordinary stamps.

 Now I am calling the car lover a "he" however as my sister informs me she loves cars too (Fords Boo) so please think neutral gender while I call "him" a he. HAHAHAHA 

I thought the badge would go under the Logo from the opposite side to the sentiment. 

Holden tags and banners.
Ok so I had to do a Ford one as well and to be truthful Fords are a pretty good car shame they won't be made in Australia anymore. 

The back ground was made the same as the Holden card. Using "Night of Navy" ink I sponged from the bottom up and faded it out at the top. I used the same sentiment and I think it is a great comment for a classic car of any persuasion. (or a classic guy like me) 

Now to the badge:

The Ford badge has always been a blue oval with a white trim line around it and FORD written in the middle should be simple enough. However the modern ford badge has a nice flowing script and I wanted to use a different technique to print the text. (If it absolutely has to be the modern badge for your car lover, you could use the same embossing tip from the holden logo) In my search I found one that had a font that I could use the "Back to Basics" alphabet stamp set for.  Now I used a white oval and did a bit of sponging, same technique as before to get a curved effect on the badge it worked pretty good. You could just cut an oval from "Night of Navy" card stock and stamp the text straight on would work great as well. 

TIP: White ink is a pain it doesn't dry like ordinary ink, so you will need to put it away for a bit to dry after stamping, I used a desk lamp to give it a bit of help.
Ford Card.
Once again a model badge would give it that extra touch. These badges are classic Aussie models.  Ford is an American legend as well so some of these would work in USA as well. Once again if you know the model your car lover loves, use that model he will love it.
Ford tags and banners.
So Ford or Holden which side are you on. Im sure that this simple card will give your bloke a memory that will last for a long time especially if it comes with tickets to Bathurst. hope you have fun making this one your own. Remember there is no wrong way to make the right card for the one you love.
Head to head...

Holden and ford... which do you choose?
OK TIP for a simple masculine card:
What does he love? Cars, Fishing, Motorbikes find a Logo and use the colours of the Logo. Don't get too technical, he probably won't appreciate the hours off effort that went into the detailed cards you love so much. But he will appreciate the simple thought that went into working out what he loves or which team he follows, the right colours and style will be the main part. If it looks like what he knows but was made by you what gets better than that.  

Till next time - Happy Crafting - "may all your cuts be paper"

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