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Carl cases cards

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Hi everyone Thestampingupbloke again:

Hope your weekend is going well. Ok to Case a card-what is that? Copy and Share Everything (C.A.S.E) Make sense yet took me a while to work that one out but anyway, here is my first adventure into casing a card. This post should really help all you new crafters like me who need some inspiration from time to time.

From this weeks Mojo Monday challenge came an awesome card produced by the one and only Mary Fish, I really liked it due to its simple clean design. Now if you go over to Mary's blog "Stamping Pretty" (NO NOT YET!!!!! after you have finished reading my blog post here please) you will see her inspiration came from a table setting, it's an interesting read if you are wondering how to get inspiration. I hope Mary is ok with me putting up her card here but it will help you to get the idea.

after reading my blog, click here to see Mary's Blog.

Normally I am don't like to copy other peoples ideas I like to try to be an original in life and in art. However there are times when either we are completely out of ideas or we find something we really like and the use of other creative peoples ideas Is totally OK.

So how do you find these inspiring ideas? Well those who make cards and all other craft are willing to post it on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook for all to see. Pinterest in particular gives you the opportunity to search boards of card designs, card sketches and tutorials that will help you to get started. For example my wife Petra has pinned hundreds of card images onto her Pinterest boards and you can follow those boards by searching her user name "petal00" Other than that join a weekly challenge (like Mojo Monday) and check out all the other crafty peoples creations maybe you will find one you want to make as well.

To "case" this card I didn't have all the same colours and shapes at hand so I was able to take the idea and make my own version. I really like the colours that Mary used but I decide to try it in Black and White with Basic Grey as the 3rd colour. I didn't have enough of the Basic Grey so I had to do the backing card in Black and change up the colour for the other bits as well but I think it works, It looks a bit more blokey to my view.

 I couldn't find the punch Mary used for the Scalloped edge but I did find a framelit that had a scalloped effect so I cut one out. After cutting it I examined the left over bit and saw an impression left in the card. By moving the framelit over (it kind of sticks in the groove that has been left) I was able to cut out a thin scalloped strip. I wasn't planning on using it I just thought it was cool that I could do it. I ended up using it after all and I think it still looks cool. All the squares for the checker were cut from a framelit as well as I couldn't find the 1"square punch. The checker board is raised up on dimensional's (kind of little double sided tape bits) this gives it a bit of depth to the finished look and meant I could slide the scalloped strip in after I decided to use it. Cheating I know but hey whatever works right.

As you can see I was having trouble finding anything today That is what happens when Petra is not around and I have to keep looking like a boy. I did manage but I really had to do it my way which was kind of fun.

The card is going to be for my Mum who is an artist so I like the sentiment "your a fabulous work of art" and I am sure she will too. It did need some colour, Black and White can only do so much for me, so a border of gold to the sentiment and I embossed the sentiment in gold as well just gives it a little something.

So I hope you all like my version and get some ideas for yourselves.

Tip of the week:
Copy and Share Everything (Case) the best kind of case is a case of wine, but this kind of case can make the card for the person who brings the case of wine, are you following? Probably not-I am tired tonight.
If you are stuck for an idea or just like another persons card give it a go, try and make the same card, add some of your own personality into the card that you make. After all imitation is the best kind of flattery, so if you are copying a card, the creator should feel quite chuffed.

This is all for now

 Thanks to Mary Fish for the great idea. You can now go back and read her blog you have my permission. To visit Mary's Blog click on her version of our card. (the first picture)

Till next time - Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper"


  1. Carl, your CASEd card is very nice. You did a great job. I love hearing about your travails of finding the proper tool and your process of making a card. We all have that problem from time to time. It is great that creative people post beautiful cards on Pinterest and those of us with less talent can make cards from their inspiration.

    1. Thanks HJ I appreciate your comments it's nice to know someone is reading my stories. I enjoy the writing part as much as the card making. Come again for the next adventure. :)

  2. Love your interpretation of Mary's card Carl. The colours you chose are amazing! I'm sure your mum will love that. The gold embossing is an awesome addition.

    1. Thanks Kylie for all your kind words and helpful tips. We are starting to get there. Stay tuned 😀

  3. Great CASE of Mary's card. It's always fun to search for the tools that will give you the image you have in your mind.

    1. I know you are having a little manly convo, but I just had to weigh in....
      Goodness. Brian king commented on our blog..... Hi Brian! :-)

    2. Thanks Brian great to hear your thoughts I hope Mary liked it as well. It was an inspired design

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Such a lovely CASE. Love the color scheme and fun bracket border. Thanks for playing along with Mojo Monday!

    1. Thanks Julee I always enjoy Mojo Monday and this was just an awesome design.


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