Sunday, 28 June 2015

Tickled Pink - Create With Carl

It's Mojo Monday and Stamp Ink Paper

My two favourite challenges but I only have time to write one blog. What to do???

Hi everyone its thestampinupbloke back for another session of card making and card blogging. 

This week I have been helping Petra get ready for the big catalog launch party on Saturday, very exciting. My job is cutting card stock and lots of it, we are demonstrating a card and envelope, a nice little banner tag and a treat box to put it on. I have got square eyes from looking at the paper trimmer, and it is not playing nice even after I have changed the blade, not sure what is going on there. On Saturday I am manning the treat box table, hope I can remember which line to score along. 

Anyway I decided to make both my challenge cards from the same card stock and see if I could get a different result with the same colours. I have a shout out to make to the "Stamping Stud",  Stamping stud is another bloke making and blogging cards, on his blog here is a colour challenge that uses "Blushing Bride", "Basic Black" and "Tip Top Taupe". What? A bloke using PINK! say it ain"t so.  However it looked really cool, yes you heard it really cool!!!!!!! I never thought you would hear those words from this blokes mouth and if some of my mates ever read this blog I may not ever be seen again. But in the true sense of embracing my inner creative self I have been eating Quiche and making pink cards. 

So to begin Mojo monday.

I tried to stick pretty close to the sketch this week. I did a couple of cards recently, which you will see soon, that were made carefully to a sketch and they looked great. I thought, by trying to get too creative I am not making better cards just strange ones that are really hard to make work. Stick to the plan Carl and see how that goes. 
I found a piece of pink and thought this must be the one, however it is "pink pirouette" and not the "blushing bride". But it works for me, (I only know barbie is pink and that is all I want to know about pink.) 
The addition to the sketch for me was to matt both of the rectangles and the backing card with "Basic Black". I didn't want to use too much black as I thought this card would also have to be a pretty card as it was using pink, so I kept the black to a minimum. 

The watercolour wings stamp set has been everyones go to of late and I have not yet had a try. so this was the card for my first attempt. It took a little while for me to work out the order of the butterfly stamps and I made a few that look, well, down right awful. I was trying to use all my three colours and the black was just not working, sometimes less is more and by using just "pink pirouette"  and "tip top taupe" I got the effect I was looking for. 

Now I have to say my favourite part of this card is the white embossed sentiment on "Tip Top Taupe" card. How awesome does that look!!! If you try anything from my card try this. The bit of white ribbon is the final touch. I hope you like my Mojo Monday card.

Stamp Ink Paper.

This is the second SIP challenge it was a sketch challenge as well. The first SIP Challenge card I made in a rush and I was not really happy with it as a result. This week I had a bit more time and am much happier with the finished card.
Here is the sketch.

Im not sure if it looks the same for everyone but I saw a rim or a lip around the outside of the card sketch. ( it might not even be part of the sketch, Im not really sure anymore.)  I decided to get this effect I wanted to make it look like I had carved the card out of a piece of "Tip Top Taupe" and the other colours were under the surface. It throws some crazy shadows in different light and I think it looks kinda cool. 

By this stage I was getting pretty comfortable with the "Pink Pirouette" card. It's not so bad once you get started, and Barbie is a pretty hot chick after all. boomchicka wow wow.

Once again I stuck to the sketch and tried to get it to look as simple as I could. I had to do the outside border a few times and it was probably the hardest bit. I had problems getting it to cut straight and the issues with the paper trimmer didn't help. I ended up scoring it and using the paper snips to cut it out.  Don't you just love the Flower in white embossing again on the "TipTop Taupe". It comes from the stamp set "Garden in Bloom", thanks to Petra for her suggestion to use it.

Hope you like my finished SIP Challenge card

So thanks To the "Stampin Stud" for giving me the courage to use a colour that is not really my thing. Getting out of our comfort zone is a good thing, it helps us to become more accepting of the things that we might not like and who knows if you try it you might just like it. 

Till next time - Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper" 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Crazy Crafters June Blog Hop! Theme-Favourite product/s from the newcatalogue!

Welcome to the Crazy Crafters blog hop for June. This month we are excited to show off our favourite Stampin’ Up! products from the just released 2015 – 2016 Annual Catalog/Catalogue. We hope you find great inspiration from the projects. Get your wish list ready!

You may just be starting the blog hop here at my blog-or may have come from the person previous to me in the list below. If you get off track at any time, the full lineup below will help you move along from blog to blog so you see all the projects. At the moment you are visiting Carl and Petra's Blog, "Tailored Craftiness"

-Petra's Favourite new products.

Oh my-What a hard theme!

There are so, SO many lovely wonderful items in the new catalog. My very TOP, TOP pick for favourite item HAS to be the new Watercolour wings set.... But I initially wasn't going to feature it in todays Blog hop because I love it so much, that Im convinced that its EVERYONES favourite item in the new Catalog!!!!!! So, either Im wrong, OR today you will see a lot of butterflys!!!-We shall see tonight at 6pm, I guess!

My top 5 picks for the new catalog are-

1-Watercolour Wings BUNDLE (includes the Bold Butterfly Framelit dies) 
2-Paperclip framelit dies
3-Metalic thread
4-New in colours
5-Colour family Paper stacks
In love with the Paperclip thinlit dies! 
NEW! there's silver in the neutrals paper stack!
-sentiment also comes from the Project Life "this is the life"stamp set
Feel Free to pin these colour suggestions!

Thanks so much for checking out my top picks, and I hope you aren't sick of butterflys yet in the blog hop! (I can't wait to see if Im right!)

Heres Carls Top picks-

-Carl's Favourite new products.

Hi everyone, Thestampinupbloke here, with my choice of favourite products from this catalogue, so far.

As you all know I have only just started on this crazy ride into card making, paper craft heaven, or is it hell I'm not too sure. I have still got a long way to go until I have tried everything, let alone pick my favourite product. Anyway I have decided to pick the Sprinkles of life stamp set and the Tree builder punch,  mainly the tree builder punch or part of it at least.
The part that I like the most, is the top of the tree, it is the most versatile piece of paper or stamped image, you will ever find. So far I personally have used it as an Island and a cloud . I have seen others use it as a sheep, a cupcake top, a muffin top, layers of ice-cream in a cone and a tree of course. With the tree you can make one lot of leaves or layer the leaves up to give it a bit more size. I wonder if the designer of the shape had an inkling of what it would become. I love the sheep best, great imagination for punch art.

I wanted to make a more traditional card this time something I could actually use as a pick me up for someone who is feeling down. The sprinkles of life sentiment "every cloud has a silver lining - you just have to look up " gave me my inspiration. The tree punch gave me my clouds but the silver lining would come from silver card stock punched the same just offset to reveal the silver lining. I lifted the top cloud up a bit as well with some dimensional dots.

Of course the silver lining is only there because the sun is trying to shine through so a nice sun in the corner  courtesy of the "Starburst" Frame-lits that were out on the table already thanks to Mojo Monday 402.

Now if you were looking down, a bit depressed, staring at your feet, you might only see a dead tree in the field, but if you look up there is a colourful bird and further up the silver lining, that was the idea in my head. The tree trunk is stamped from the sprinkles set in black on white, and then punched with the tree builder again, the same with the bird but stamped on yellow card-stock.

Originally I didn't have the yellow piece at the bottom, but it was missing something so I asked my extremely patient tutor for her opinion. I was able to freehand cut the yellow card with a trimming knife to get the desired shape. It is amazing what a good sharp knife will do.
Just one of the examples of how you can use the stamp set/tree builder punch combo.

The sentiment was stamped on the same card-stock as the clouds, it has some kind of texture to the card, very interesting, I almost chucked it out because I thought it was damaged but I think it is meant to be like  that. Due to the silver lining thought in the sentiment, it had to be embossed in silver. I like embossing but you have to watch the powder it has a habit of going everywhere. Last week I tipped over the gold powder, shhh don't tell Petra, I got it all back in the pot, well most of it anyway.

My wonderful tutor also suggested the double frame with "night of navy" as the other colour. Looks pretty good I think, hence the "wonderful," in front of tutor.
"Every cloud has a silver lining-you just have to look up to see it."

So I hope you like some of my favourite thing's and can have some fun with them as well. What will that little fluffy shape turn into next, I can't wait to find out.

Till next time-Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper" 

Crazy Crafters Blog Hop

Thank You SO Much for taking part in our blog hop! There are so many amazing ideas and inspiration you don't want to miss. Remember that currently you are at my blog - Tailored Craftiness, so check the blog hop line up list to see who is next in the list as you don't want to miss out on seeing one blog and the amazing inspiration.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Stamp, Ink, Paper Challenge- Create with Carl!

Dinosaurs Rock

Its thestampinupbloke again: Its Friday night aren't we all supposed to be having a drink and sleeping in front of the TV???????? I was until!!!!!!
Petra said "wake up" (I was asleep on the couch) there is a new challenge, we have to be in the first one ever. Come on we are making cards now. 

Have you ever had to make a card because you have to? Thank goodness for card sketches Petra handed me her iPad and said here are the sketches find one its easy. I found one from an old Mojo Monday challenge and started to make it my own. Three colours and a stamp set Petra's challenge to me. I haven't used the dinosaur stamp set yet so that was my first choice. The new in colours "Watermelon Wonder" and Cucumber Crush" plus "Island Indigo " and I was set. 

I like the Dino stamp set because you have the block image and the bones image. I wanted to use both of them and emboss the bones, to get a real bone look I embossed in white.  A couple of green ferny fronds and some dots to walk on and the  Dino stamping was done. 

The hardest part was the sentiment, not picking it , but stamping it. Every time I stamped it on it seemed to have bubbles in the ink and it looked terrible. I tried to remove some of the ink by stamping it out on the blotter sheet I was using and it got better. After a few go's it worked out but it was really weird for a bit. 

So I am off back to the couch. All the best for the weekend.

Till next time - Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper"

Stamp, Ink, Paper Challenge- Fun! A new challenge!!

I was doing my usual "after work" thing and checking  Brian Kings Blog-Stamp with Brian, and saw that he had tried out a new challenge on Justin Krieger's new challenge Blog, and thought I'd have a go too-feel free to check it out here- and feel free to vote on the ones you like!
As a getting to know you Card, I made a really bright shaker card. I love to try new things, and although Ive done shaker cards before, I wouldnt say I was proficient at them! (in fact- tip to new comers to shaker cards-Stampin up glitter is AWESOME- really gorgeous stuff, but make sure you're foam tape has no holes....... Glitter is EVERYWHERE at our place at the moment!!! LOL)
Have a snappy day stamp from the "you're sublime" stamp set.
The "you're sublime "set is a new one to me, and I think Im going to love it. I must be honest and say, I REALLY MISS Stampin Ups Blendabilities (Boo HOO!) But in the mean time, I still do love my Aqua painter. its really fun and produces gorgeous colour blending.
What a cute sentiment!!
I hope you enjoy todays cards- and I hope you can squeeze in some creative therapy in your day!

Create with Carl Mojo Monday 402

Lost in Space

Hi Everyone Thestampinupbloke is back again,

It has been crazy week and I feel like I haven't been here for ages. I made a photo studio for our card photos, turned out pretty good I think, I hope you can see the difference in the photos this week. I might just have to post some pics of the booth as well. So today I got a chance to make my mojo creation and a blog hop card for the weekend as well.

Our Light Box

This weeks Mojo Monday card was a product of evolution. It started out to be one thing and became another.

Feel free to check out all the other inspired creations using this Sketch-Click on the picture!

 I am still having problems seeing the colour that I want and relating that to the colour that I have. Anyway the colours are kind of what I had in mind, maybe not quite as bright as I wanted but they never seem bright enough to me. I definitely need glasses and help with my spelling it seems.
Probably half my issues come from not wanting to use Petra's precious card stock so I always go to the scrap bin for my cards, hence limited colours.

My idea began as a superhero breaking the sound barrier 3 times with 3 puffs of smoke. Why is my brain so weird??? How on earth am I going to make that look right??? I saw the sketch on Tuesday and have been thinking about it ever since. Petra thinks I am becoming obsessed.

After searching the stamps for a superhero or even a snail with crash helmet, (I know weird right) I gave up on the superhero idea, but the idea of something flying through 3 circles was still there. In the process of looking for circles that would be right I found the "Starburst" frame-lits, and the first part of the evolution began. "Star Burst", star, space, rocket, HMMMMMMM.

I used 4 of the starburst dies to get the circles, I put them all in together and offset them, so one side of the circles was thicker than the other, once through the big shot and tah-dah 3 very star looking circles. I threaded the arrow (the rocket) through the circles and turned the circles around and around until I worked out which way I wanted the thin side to be. It looked best with the thinner edge at the bottom.

A few stars from the left over bits after using the star border punch and I had a galaxy for the rocket to run through. I spent a fair bit of time working out how I wanted the stars to look, after I got it right I took a photo before I took it all off and started to glue it together, it made it easier to get all those little stars back in the right spot.

The sentiment Work Play Repeat came from the project life stamp set "This Is The Life". I really like this set and will use it again, It has some great sentiments in it that are quite appropriate for a male type card.

So a little bit lost in the head became "LOST IN SPACE"

My creation-What do you think?

Being as it is supposed to be space the black background seemed appropriate, I think it turned out pretty good. Petra is going to send it to our teenage nephew I hope he gets a kick out of it.

So my tip from this card:
FRAMING: You will notice that most of my cards have frame of white or another backing colour around the picture (this was one of the first things Petra taught me, "framing stops a card from just being a bunch of stuff on a piece of paper" her words not mine). In this card the white frame stands out against the black background and gives it a finished edge. That doesn't mean that everything has to be inside the frame, in this card lots of bits hang over, but the frame is still visible and makes the card look that much better.
You may see cards that have 2 or more frames around the main picture, it is just a tip that you will have to practice. Try it on your next project and see what a frame can do for your card art.

Till next time - Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper". 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mojomonday 402.


Welcome to another creative week, with another mojo Monday Sketch! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!
Here is this weeks fun sketch-
Mojo Monday Sketch
Click on the pic to be inspired!

And here's my take on this weeks fabulous sketch! 

Loving the "lots of Labels" framelits!
I have been crazy busy at my remedial massage clinic this month, and sadly haven't found much time to be creative-so I really loved having a go at this weeks sketch. I was itching to use some of my new dies- the lots of labels framelit dies, and the tags and lables framelits- did you notice how alike they are, and how closely they fit together, with only a snip to make them exactly frame each other?? How brilliant!! A real must if you have a big shot, I think! This is also the first time I've used the smaller butterfly in the bold butterfly framelit set. How adorable is this die cut?? I love it! I can't wait to play with it along with the watercolour wings set...... 
For a bit of sparkle, I added a little bit of the metalic silver thread...... I think it adds that little something to finish it off my project! 
I hope you like my version of this weeks sketch- watch out for carls version tommorrow! It's a doozy! 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Carl cases cards

Create With Carl

Hi everyone Thestampingupbloke again:

Hope your weekend is going well. Ok to Case a card-what is that? Copy and Share Everything (C.A.S.E) Make sense yet took me a while to work that one out but anyway, here is my first adventure into casing a card. This post should really help all you new crafters like me who need some inspiration from time to time.

From this weeks Mojo Monday challenge came an awesome card produced by the one and only Mary Fish, I really liked it due to its simple clean design. Now if you go over to Mary's blog "Stamping Pretty" (NO NOT YET!!!!! after you have finished reading my blog post here please) you will see her inspiration came from a table setting, it's an interesting read if you are wondering how to get inspiration. I hope Mary is ok with me putting up her card here but it will help you to get the idea.

after reading my blog, click here to see Mary's Blog.

Normally I am don't like to copy other peoples ideas I like to try to be an original in life and in art. However there are times when either we are completely out of ideas or we find something we really like and the use of other creative peoples ideas Is totally OK.

So how do you find these inspiring ideas? Well those who make cards and all other craft are willing to post it on social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook for all to see. Pinterest in particular gives you the opportunity to search boards of card designs, card sketches and tutorials that will help you to get started. For example my wife Petra has pinned hundreds of card images onto her Pinterest boards and you can follow those boards by searching her user name "petal00" Other than that join a weekly challenge (like Mojo Monday) and check out all the other crafty peoples creations maybe you will find one you want to make as well.

To "case" this card I didn't have all the same colours and shapes at hand so I was able to take the idea and make my own version. I really like the colours that Mary used but I decide to try it in Black and White with Basic Grey as the 3rd colour. I didn't have enough of the Basic Grey so I had to do the backing card in Black and change up the colour for the other bits as well but I think it works, It looks a bit more blokey to my view.

 I couldn't find the punch Mary used for the Scalloped edge but I did find a framelit that had a scalloped effect so I cut one out. After cutting it I examined the left over bit and saw an impression left in the card. By moving the framelit over (it kind of sticks in the groove that has been left) I was able to cut out a thin scalloped strip. I wasn't planning on using it I just thought it was cool that I could do it. I ended up using it after all and I think it still looks cool. All the squares for the checker were cut from a framelit as well as I couldn't find the 1"square punch. The checker board is raised up on dimensional's (kind of little double sided tape bits) this gives it a bit of depth to the finished look and meant I could slide the scalloped strip in after I decided to use it. Cheating I know but hey whatever works right.

As you can see I was having trouble finding anything today That is what happens when Petra is not around and I have to keep looking like a boy. I did manage but I really had to do it my way which was kind of fun.

The card is going to be for my Mum who is an artist so I like the sentiment "your a fabulous work of art" and I am sure she will too. It did need some colour, Black and White can only do so much for me, so a border of gold to the sentiment and I embossed the sentiment in gold as well just gives it a little something.

So I hope you all like my version and get some ideas for yourselves.

Tip of the week:
Copy and Share Everything (Case) the best kind of case is a case of wine, but this kind of case can make the card for the person who brings the case of wine, are you following? Probably not-I am tired tonight.
If you are stuck for an idea or just like another persons card give it a go, try and make the same card, add some of your own personality into the card that you make. After all imitation is the best kind of flattery, so if you are copying a card, the creator should feel quite chuffed.

This is all for now

 Thanks to Mary Fish for the great idea. You can now go back and read her blog you have my permission. To visit Mary's Blog click on her version of our card. (the first picture)

Till next time - Happy crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper"

Friday, 12 June 2015

Create with Carl, mojo Monday!

Mojo Monday Card

Hi there its Thestampinupbloke again.

Mojo Monday rolls around again and I liked this sketch straight away. I am never quite sure with mojo Monday challenges how close (exact) to the sketch you have to be, the rules seem to leave it open to quite a bit of creative freedom, however I try to incorporate the main elements which I think is the idea. I hope so anyway, correct me if I am wrong. The main things this week a rectangle, a circle and three different vertical strips, Oh and a flower, nearly forgot the flower.

 I have no idea why but I saw a window as soon as I looked at this sketch. I wonder what you see? 

So we had just received our delivery of a nice "Big Brown Box" with lots of new stuff in it. I had been waiting for a few things but the brick embossing folder was at the top of the list (Im a builder it makes sense). With my window idea the brick folder was going to be great. I decided I wanted this to be as simple as possible, I am trying to get colours right and keeping it to 3 colours seemed a good idea and simple. Once I decided on "cajun craze" as the colour for the brick wall I wanted to make the 3 vertical lines, I thought what would it look like if I managed to put a corner in this wall and it was all the same colour????? So I scribed the lines and then embossed the sheet and folded it, so far so good, not too bad but needed just a bit more contrast. To get the bit of contrast I used some ink on a sponge (cajun craze) and rubbed on some extra shading just down the middle line and in a couple of places behind where the window would be. I used the "Apothecary" die set to get the window, no idea what the heck an apothecary is but the shape is cool. Every window needs a frame so I cut one from the same set and used some ink to darken it up a bit. Couple of curtains in "crushed curry" card stock (I used a punch to get the right shape I think it is called the "Bow Builder Punch") and a clock to make the circle part and it was nearly done.

Petra told me she had a clock stamp I searched every stamp set there was in the shelf and do you think I could find it. Petra comes in and has a "Girl" look and finds it in a second  typical. The clock I made from a rectangle and 3 circles I trimmed the rectangle with a corner punchy thing and cut the back circle in half. The clock face and the back circle are "very vanilla" like the background so it seems to blend in a bit maybe would have been better with a bit of another colour but I was sticking with the 3 colours thing. I did break the rule in the end by using a tiny bit of "garden green" on the flower stems which are from the bird builder punch, at least they are all from the same colour family.

A little garden stake from the handpicked framelit dies set and a sentiment from the holiday home stamp set and I think it is done.

Petra sister is building a new house we might have to give this one to them with their housewarming gift.

I used "crushed curry" ink to colour the flowers, more ink for darker less ink for lighter.

So once again not sure if it is exactly the same as the sketch, but this is the inspired from the sketch. Thanks to Julee (Vervegirl) for the great sketch this week looking forward to next week.

Tip for new stampers: What did I learn from this card, well colour is my problem thing at the moment, I have had some difficulty getting the combinations right. This card I was worried that the colours were not bright enough, I did try some brighter colours but they just looked weird. In the end I used the colours that came from the same range "Regal" (a SU colour range) and they all worked together, funny that. So my tip is this don't put in too many colours and try to get them all from the same family of colours If you are using StampinUp there are "Brights" they are super colourful, "Regals" more muted but very dense colours,  "Neutrals" self explanatory I guess and "Subtle's"  a very delicate colour range more "girly" I guess (well thats how I would describe them) .

For the full range visit our online store. StampinUp make packs that have all the colour ranges of card stock and Designer series paper, that all goes together, cant go wrong then.

Till next time - Happy Crafting - "may all your cuts be Paper"

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mojo Monday 401

This week has been a good week. 
1-I got my BBB on Tuesday (see my last post HERE if you were wondering why this is so good...) YAY!! !
2-I was contacted by an interstate down-line to tell me she was coming to Tas early next year-Im going to organise a team gathering to celebrate! YAY!
3-Today I received a gift from a fellow crazy crafter team member, and friend, Kate Benade. Totally made my day!
4- Ive lost weight! (not Stampin related, but its made my week anyway!!)
5- this weeks Mojo Monday sketch is AWESOME! Here it is-
This Weeks Mojo Monday sketch
You may not See how I've used it at first glance- Ive sort of flipped it on its side- like this -
Mojo Monday sketch...seen another way!
Can you see it now? I loved it so much, Ive made 2 variations of the same card using the same stamp sets. can you spot the difference?
Version 1.
This was my first version-Very vanilla card base, Timeless elegance Designer series Paper, accents in Cherry cobbler, sahara sand and basic black
The ribbon is seam binding. (my fave ribbon :-) I stamped the "thanks" sentiment from the endless thanks stamp set, over and over in Tip top Taupe on the Sahara Sand card stock. (I got the Dsp and the matching card stock pack-very vanilla, Sahara sand and Basic black-Brilliant value!!) I stamped and then cut my watercolour wings butterfly with the butterfly basics die-giving it the lacy appearance. I then cut a butterfly out with the bold butterfly frame lit  to put underneath.

Version 2
I was looking at the finished version, and although I liked it, I realised you couldn't see quite as clearly the gorgeous watercolour wings stamping, because of the die cutting. So, I thought I'd do another version, leaving the butterfly whole. I think either way works well! It was pretty much the same, except I used different ribbon, and I stamped the "so much" sentiment from the endless thanks stamp set, and then die cut it with the Paper Clips framelits. (ohhhh Im going to use these a lot I think! LOVE!!)
Stunning Watercolour Wings stamp set
I hope you like My take on the Mojo Monday challenge this week! Id love to hear which version you prefer!!
Project life paperclip dies-SO FUN!
Here are the colours-a good combo for elegant cards!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you can squeeze in come creative playtime too!!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Carls "blokey" cards

Create with Carl

Hi everyone, thestampinupbloke again.

Blowing howling gale and raining cats and dogs, not much of a long weekend but perfect indoor weather.
I decided to make some really blokey cards for the Aussie man. What says Aussie bloke more than a V8 engine and a classic Aussie muscle car, apart from Beer ?????

Im a holden man myself ,don't hate me but we all have to pick sides, and I have been Holden forever. My dad is Ford but we won't hold that against him. Every year the Aussie bloke will sit and watch the   12 hours of Bathurst like it is his time in church. This is the epitome of the V8 world Bathurst, and to have a pilgrimage to the mountain is every red or blue blooded mans dream. Ladies if you want to spoil your loveable "bogan" send him to Bathurst, when the cars are racing, he will love you forever.

Anyway next best thing, and I can guarantee you this will go straight to the poolroom to be revered with the serenity of all things sacred to Aussie men.

I wanted to make an easy card that doesn't have too much stuff on it so any one can make it. I will start with The great holden classic: It is a piece of white card stock with a sponged red splotch (SU "Real Red" colour)in the centre. I used a piece of sponge and by wiping in a circular motion it is possible to blend from dark to faded out light. I found it helped to start off the card, on a backing sheet not the table top, and wipe on to the card until I got the colours started, then I could add more colour as I needed. Finally a simple sentiment from the guy greeting set and it just needed the holy grail ...... the Holden Logo.

How to do the Logo? I searched google for ages trying to find a logo that I could replicate from the SU punches or stamps. In the end it just had to be the lion!!!  No way can I get that right with punch art and besides it is supposed to be a simple card. In the end I printed out an image from google, placed the image over the "Real Red" circle I had cut out with the circle dies set, and used an embossing pen to press the image outline into the card (if you don't have an embossing pen you could use a ballpoint pen).
Once I had the outline I used the Stanpinup chalk marker in white to colour the image, came out awesome don't you think. I then glued the disc onto another circle, cut with the next size up die, and used the chalk marker to colour the line around to match the Logo.

Holden Card.

Now every car lover has his favourite model of the car. Holden has heaps of them. If you don't know which model it is thats ok there are some generic badges you could use, I have made a few of these below for you to get the idea. I didn't put them on the finished card because each car lover has his favourite and he will love it if you make the right one for him. I used the new rotary stamp to make all the banners it is a great stamp as you can make almost any word you like. It takes practice to get the technique right when stamping as it can get a bit messy and its not quite the same technique as the ordinary stamps.

 Now I am calling the car lover a "he" however as my sister informs me she loves cars too (Fords Boo) so please think neutral gender while I call "him" a he. HAHAHAHA 

I thought the badge would go under the Logo from the opposite side to the sentiment. 

Holden tags and banners.
Ok so I had to do a Ford one as well and to be truthful Fords are a pretty good car shame they won't be made in Australia anymore. 

The back ground was made the same as the Holden card. Using "Night of Navy" ink I sponged from the bottom up and faded it out at the top. I used the same sentiment and I think it is a great comment for a classic car of any persuasion. (or a classic guy like me) 

Now to the badge:

The Ford badge has always been a blue oval with a white trim line around it and FORD written in the middle should be simple enough. However the modern ford badge has a nice flowing script and I wanted to use a different technique to print the text. (If it absolutely has to be the modern badge for your car lover, you could use the same embossing tip from the holden logo) In my search I found one that had a font that I could use the "Back to Basics" alphabet stamp set for.  Now I used a white oval and did a bit of sponging, same technique as before to get a curved effect on the badge it worked pretty good. You could just cut an oval from "Night of Navy" card stock and stamp the text straight on would work great as well. 

TIP: White ink is a pain it doesn't dry like ordinary ink, so you will need to put it away for a bit to dry after stamping, I used a desk lamp to give it a bit of help.
Ford Card.
Once again a model badge would give it that extra touch. These badges are classic Aussie models.  Ford is an American legend as well so some of these would work in USA as well. Once again if you know the model your car lover loves, use that model he will love it.
Ford tags and banners.
So Ford or Holden which side are you on. Im sure that this simple card will give your bloke a memory that will last for a long time especially if it comes with tickets to Bathurst. hope you have fun making this one your own. Remember there is no wrong way to make the right card for the one you love.
Head to head...

Holden and ford... which do you choose?
OK TIP for a simple masculine card:
What does he love? Cars, Fishing, Motorbikes find a Logo and use the colours of the Logo. Don't get too technical, he probably won't appreciate the hours off effort that went into the detailed cards you love so much. But he will appreciate the simple thought that went into working out what he loves or which team he follows, the right colours and style will be the main part. If it looks like what he knows but was made by you what gets better than that.  

Till next time - Happy Crafting - "may all your cuts be paper"

Friday, 5 June 2015

Carls mojo Monday 400!!

Create with Carl 

Hi everyone "Thestampinupbloke" Im back with another "mojomonday" edition. I found the sketch a bit tougher this week, I wanted to do something original and to start with all my ideas went in the bin. Here is the sketch.

The Sketch is a good one a simple design that can be done easily with the DSP paper you can get from our online store which has the script effect printed on it. It looks great and would suit any occasion you could possibly want it for. Cut the corner out with a 2 1/2 inch punch then with a sentiment stamped inside. "Bob's your uncle". 

However as usual my brain went in another direction. I had a dream (night time dream) about little people (I captured them in a plastic container) I even had a long conversation with them before releasing them at the bottom of the garden. I told you my brain was weird! (Petra thinks revealing this will bring the men in white coats) Any way when I woke up I was thinking Alice in Wonderland as you do. So I decided to make an Alice in Wonderland inspired card. 

After my Bugs Bunny creation of the other day it seems I had rabbits on the brain as well, so the hole became the rabbit hole and all I needed a white rabbit. Turns out there is no rabbit stamp. SU are you listening we need a rabbit stamp or even a punch, even better stamp and punch!!! I felt a headache coming on,  punch art was needed, I searched Pinterest looking for one I could copy, but they were all to big for my idea. So I used the bird builder punch and chopped it all up to get something that looks like a white rabbit, sort of.

My thought for the rabbit hole was that I wanted it to look 3d. First I tried stacking circles of different sizes and colours ,darker to lighter, that didn't work. Second I tried the aqua painter, you know graduated colours, shading etc. Now I'm no artist and it quickly became apparent that the aqua painter was not going to be my friend today, after 2 attempt with one that looked like a demented eyeball and the other looking like a brown splat, I retired the watercolour idea. 

What next, I thought well what about a spiral, like a hypnotist would use, that would give the impression of spinning into the hole. So I cut out 2 discs and with my "paper snips" I cut a spiral. So far so good, not very straight but what rabbit hole has straight edges. Then after linking them together It gave an interesting effect. By glueing the outside to the face of the card and the centre to  the back cover as you open the card the hole gets deeper.  Kinda Cool and definitely 3D 

My mojo Monday creation, featuring a punch art white rabbit!
Sentiment coloured with stampin up markers!

Now my tip for all the new stampers.

 Still obsessed with getting a fade effect on something. I wanted to try it for the sentiment,  so Petra showed me the marker pens and a technique called Huffing (no I'm not sure either?????). The marker pens are all the same colours as the ink pads but in a texta (Aussie slang for marker) form. By colouring the stamp with 3 different markers I got the fade I wanted. To stamp you just "huff" on it with your breath that makes the ink wet and then stamp it. Hooray it works.

Now the tip is this apart from the technique. If you can't afford all the ink pad colours you can get the basics (White, Black maybe some primary colours) as ink pads and then for half the price of the 10 full ink pads in each range you can get the full range of colours in a marker pen. It is always better to have the ink pad but for the sake of dollars the pens can give you a colour you want a bit cheaper. Check out our online store for the deals and details.

Stampin Up markers come in all the colour ranges-
Brights, Regals, Subtle's, and neutrals.

Any way hope you like this weeks effort.
Till next time - happy crafting - "may all your cuts be paper"

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mojo Monday

gift box punch board Boxes
 I am SO disappointed with Australia Post. 
I REALLY REALLY, thought I would have had my BBB (Big Brown Box) by now. So much for staying up until 2am to put my order in.... (Sorry about the grumps!!!) I've been so excited about my BBB, that I have delayed Making too much this week. Silly I know. I did manage to start an order of 10 gift boxes/bags for Saturday- Ill be finishing them tonight. What do you think? They are going to be prizes for games.... Very cute! I love the gift box punch board for making boxes like this. It's really great when you aren't feeling great and don't want to have to figure out measurments... perfect for me this week! lol

pretty gift boxes with the embellishment of fun flowers

MOJO Monday- It's a lovely design this week, and its extra special because its an anniversary edition of the sketch-400 Sketches!! wow!! The team at Mojo Monday have done a fabulous job over the years. 
mojo monday

My mojo monday creation... great colours! that cucumber crush is really growing on me!!
I wanted to play with the sprinkles of life set, Ive seen around pinterest people are using more than one lot of leaves- the coordinating punch makes that so easy. Also, because its photopolymer its just so easy to use- especially when I stamped the flowers over the flower stems...It was really a quick card to make.

Sprinkles of life Mojo Monday Card. 
I hope you enjoyed todays Mojo Monday creation- and i hope you manage to squeeze in some creative therapy into your day....Im feeling better by the minute!!