Friday, 29 May 2015

mojo monday 399- create it with carl!

As we said last week, using card sketches is a fantastic way to develop your skills as a card maker. They really make you think outside the square..... 

Carl used the stamp set "you little furball" and the "hardwood" background stamp.
I love the Way he made a slit in the hardwood stamped piece and added the matted circles (cut with the circle framelits on the big shot) The linen thread adds some nice texture to his card. Or circle as the case may be! 

You can see mine HERE!

Here is the mojo Monday sketch for this week-
And here is Carls entry-


Hi everyone its Thestampinupbloke (Look me up on Instagram!)"aka" Carl, Petra's husband. As you might have seen I was a bit inspired by the recent "Inspire Create Share" convention and have been having a red hot go as we say.

I thought I would give you a bit of an insight into my card making thinking. As a brand new paper art person I have not got the years of Pinterest ideas and other thoughts that most have, so I am sorry if my offerings are a bit simple, however there are lots of brand new crafters and we all have to start somewhere. I hope I can inspire some more blokes to have a go as well it is kind of fun to see the look on your better half's face when you can give her something you made. And no it doesn't make me or you a girly man I am very much a Bloke. 

So I don't think in thoughts of "that looks pretty" so I will make that way.  I usually see something and make a representation of that. For example the card above is a cat on a fence silhouetted on the moon. Now it may not look like that to you but that is was my inspiration from the sketch. I have found the sketches to be very good to start me off as it gives me some guidance. Petra is a big help as well sometimes my ideas are too big and crazy e.g. the butterfly stained glass window card from Monday, but with a bit of guidance as to how to make it work I am quite happy with the result. By the way from the first time I saw that butterfly die I thought of a stained glass window I had seen years ago.

Now as a newby like me you may not have all the resources of your other half. If you do be careful the craft room is a sacred place and there are lots of things it is best not to touch, just yet anyway, however so long as you close the ink pads and clean the stamps you should be ok. If you are starting out brand new come on the journey with me and we can have some fun I will post some tips that I have learned along the way each week and hopefully this will help you as well. (we can both get the benefit of Petra's 10 years of making cards and looking at Pinterest.) 

If you are new or are a bloke please let me know I am not alone and leave a comment. I hope my inspiration will give you some fun times and lots of small bits of paper to pick up.  

For my first tip of the week on our blog I will show you the quickest masking demonstration ever. 
Now masking I have found to be great as I don't always want all the words from the sentiment (thats what the little wordy bits in the stamp sets are called).  As I said, I see things a bit differently so words are usually the last thing I think about and then nothing suits the card I have made, so i mix and match a bit and thats how I got the purrrrrfect word in the card for this weeks mojomonday.

Till next time-happy crafting-"may all your cuts be paper"

Carls "tip of the week for new paper crafters" on Instagram

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