Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Create with Carl

There's nothing nicer than recieving a card with lots of lovely heartfelt words from someone you love.... Except when they have made it themselves..... And this is what I recieved yesterday. How lucky am I??

 Carl came home from work, and said.... " I've had an idea!!- where's the big shot and those butterfly dies???"  And then he ushered me out of the kitchen. 
I snuck 1 photo, (and got in trouble) of him creating what became the back panel....

This is the card closed. It's so pretty. 

The butterfly hangs in mid air.... Stunning. 

Seen with light behind it- it's like stained glass.....gorgeous. 

I just wanted to share. Carl has never made card with me up until 2 weeks ago. And he is already creating really stunning cards..... And if YOU are new to card making, YOU Can too!


  1. What a beautiful card with so many elements, Carl. You are very creative. It's hard to believe you only recently began to make cards. I'd love to hear about the steps to create this, if you could please give us the instructions. Thanks so much for sharing such beauty.

    1. Hi HJ! Carl here- I really appreciate your encouragement! I have been watching for a long time- Petras been making cards for about 10 years-and I'm asking Her a lot of questions.
      I just had this idea about doing a type of stained glass window effect with that butterfly die. It's different that I imagined, but she is very happy, so I guess that's all that matters.
      Petra has asked if I can do another, so we can write a tutoriaL..... So I'll try and do that soon. If you subscribe you won't miss it!

  2. What a lovely card. I am intrigued to see how this is made. I would love to see a tutorial.


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