Sunday, 10 May 2015

Create with Carl

Hello wonderful people!
I've posted some pictures, and even a video, of my husband creating at convention recently. It's wonderful to be able to share my love of papercraft with him. And, it hasn't stopped at convention! I want to share this mornings creativity with you. I was struggling with our new bohemian borders stamp set. I REALLY love it, but I hit a wall when actually creating with it. 
Carl had a genius idea. 
I'd like to show you his idea of what to do with bohemian borders.... I think it was inspired by my uplines (Kylie Bertucci) trip to Hawaii tommorrow (she earned Stampin up incentive trip this year.) 

I hope you enjoyed, and are able to case, his idea- and please let him know what you think- he isn't very confident, and he would love your feedback! 

Thankyou so much for your visit- and I hope you are able to squeeze some creative therapy into your week! 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Em! He really appreciates your encouragement!

  2. This is super creative! I need to CASE it if that's okay.


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