Thursday, 7 May 2015

Crazy crafters convention special blog hop

Welcome to our blog hop today everyone! This is a very exciting one, because the people participating I've actually met in the flesh, and had a fabulous time with, at convention only a few days ago! This time last week we were at our leadership day for managers and above learning all about the new system Stampin up is setting up for demonstrators, And hostesses alike. It's a really positve move on Stampin ups part, and I'm very excited about it! The day ended with a managers reception at the AMAZiNG out back spectacular on the Gold Coast. If you haven't been, definatly check it out on your next holiday, we thoroughly enjoyed it! Here are some pics- We were all bussed (is that a word?) out to "out back spectacular" on the gold coast.

The cheeky Kylie Bertucci (My upline) was at the back of the bus, no doubt causing mischief!! (she looks like she is any way!) and... how awesome- BONNIE was on our Bus!

the STUNNING horses were in inside stables, on show. they were all gorgeous. I was lucky enough to have my gorgeous Hubby by my side- I think he was a little shell shocked. (lol) We me SO SO many wonderful, Talented Demonstrators- Here I am with Shanene Moncrief. (sorry its not the best Photo, but I wanted to add it especially because Shanene was just SO wonderful and encouraging.

This is from inside the brochure- the night was TRULY spectacular!

because Carl came with us, we got 2 lovely photos!
from left to right-
Petra Tailor, Carl Tailor, Michelle Mills,
Kate Benade, Kylie Bertucci

After reception, as we headed to the buses (?) we received this new stamp set- Awesomely artistic- isn't it gorgeous???

My first card with the
Awesomely Artistic set

Carls finished "rebellious"card
(he dosent like to just do what everyone else is doing- he did a swirl instead of a circle, lol)
One of the most fantastic things to come out of this convention was that my husband had a go, and enjoyed himself making cards! even since getting home he has had a go- here is a video of his debut card!

Also, as you know, I did a demo at convention. It went well- although I did manage to stuff up my first demonstration, due to nerves, but the ones after went well. I LOVED IT!! If I EVER got the chance again- I'd JUMP at it!!!

I"ll be adding video footage very soon of me demonstrating, PLUS the tutorials of what I demonstrated at convention- so if you missed seeing me in action- stay tuned!

Not to be forgotten, is my uplines amazing awards- she took out the leadership awards in both categories- making our team AMAZING! Kylie is to be credited for this- she looks after, not only her direct downlines, but everyone in her team- enabling ALL of us- even those of us who still have to work, to get THE best support possible- and hopefully helping us to achieve what she has achieved. Our team works as a team to help one another succeed. What this means for YOU is if you join me on my team, you will receive excellent support to achieve all your Stampin up goals- Hobby or otherwise!

one of the best things about convention was meeting people-heres a just a snippet of some wonderful people I met-

A gorgeous gift from Carrie for demonstrating
(when you get your catalog-
try and find it- the exact card is in the catalog!!)

the wonderful Carrie and Bonnie! I'm star struck!

And of course the amazing Sara! she did a fantastic job as Interim CEO!

Thankyou for allowing me a bit of time to share some awesome memories! I hope you enjoyed it as much as me!

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