Sunday, 3 May 2015

Convention highlights

Here we are. The day after the storm of convention. What a mind blowing 4 days. Managers reception and night out were unreal, then 3 days of amazing info, instruction, new techniques, and fun and laughter! Here are some brief highlights! I'll post more in the coming weeks....

Obviously the new catalog is the hugest highlight. LOVE it!! 
Awesome new products! 
I've got more to show, just no photos yet. Stay tuned! 

Obviously being a booth demonstrator was an amazing highlight. It was a blast -even thought I totally messed up my first demonstration. (3 layers of card stock and a thinlit like the butterfly thinlit don't mix!!) but the following 5 demos went well. I even made new friends! 
Jacqui crouch in action! 

Kelly's fabulous designs

Sandra's stunning cards. (There was so many people I couldn't take a full picture of her board!!) 

Here's a few pics of me presenting. I have a video that I will post, once I'm not in a train station blogging..... Lol

Meeting new and very talented people was a highlight- 
Our wonderful Ceo. She is so friendly! 

The next blog will be of the amazing sample boards I saw at convention.... SO many ideas!! 

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