Thursday, 5 March 2015

Weird obsessions.

No, nothing TOO weird. If you are looking for that, you have come to the wrong blog. Lol.
I have a thing about designer series paper. I love pretty paper. Like, REALLY love it. So much so, I don't want to use it, because, then, it's gone.
I don't want it to be gone. 
So it just sits there and looks pretty, and never sees the light of day.

I mentioned this weirdness to my team, to see if there was anyone else like that out there, (and there is. I won't name names!) and a fellow crazy crafter, Carolina Evans, made a brilliant suggestion, which I'm totally going to put into practise. Frame a piece, and actually look at it! So clever! I'm totally going to do that with the new printed vellum. especially the butterfly print. It's stunning. 
Like, amazing stunning. 
I wrote a blog post last week about the new Saleabration items, and included in this was the designer series printed vellum. (if you didn't see it- click HERE ....) did you know It has a matching stamp set?? It's awesome! Here is a sample card I made with the new vellum (not the butterfly print. I can't part with that just yet...)

I used the vellum in the background, and coloured a few flowers with the Stampin up markers, and then stamped a larger version of the flower out of the "natures perfection" free Saleabration stamp set, and highlighted it with a silver foil scallop. It looks a little like sequins, but its just a scallop- I paper pierced each "bump", hence the sequin look.
I attribute the design to the wonderful team at mojo monday. (check out the other mojo monday entries HERE) they do a FABULOUS JOB!! 

Once again, THANKYOU so much for taking time out of your day to visit me, and I hope you can squeeze in some creative therapy xxx

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