Friday, 27 February 2015

New Saleabration items!? Whoo hoo!

 Can you imagine going to your local "woollies" (for our Oversees blog followers, you local wallmart/Aldi) and making your grocery purchases, and when your total reaches $90 (how easy is THAT to do??) the cashier stops and says-
"Thankyou for your loyalty to our store, you may pick one of these items,"- she stands aside and shows you an aray of beautiful things- products that are beautiful, products you would have paid money for, Products worth between $16 to $30-  "for FREE!"
 So, excitedly with a huge smile on your face, you pick your item. Then you continue to add your groceries to the conveyer belt.
Your total reaches $180. The cashier it stops again.
 "Thank you SO much for making your purchases at our store! Please pick another free item!!"
"Yay" you yell- how amazing is THIS??? 
And should your grocery total reach $270 you would have gotten another! ($300 total would have gotten 3 items PLUS a $50 bonus spending spree FOR FREE)

Im about to do that to you today wonderful people!!!

Saleabration time is something to be excited about. Being rewarded for purchasing your favourite craft gear is just amazing, and rare. 

Stampin' Up! Have given us MORE reason to be excited. They have added MORE free items to that array of wonderful things that we can choose for free! From March 1st, until March 31st these 4 product bundles will be available to recieve for free with every $90 purchase. 

I'm IN LOVE with the natures perfection stamp set, and matching sheer vellum pack- isn't it stunning??

Remember these items are exclusive to Stampin up, and ONLY AVAILABLE from March 1st until March 31st. 
Plus- with EVERY order I recieve in the month of March, you will recieve a free gift from me. I value my customers and want to  THANKYOU  for choosing me as your demonstrator! I hope to be contacting you soon! 
Click the "buy  now" button on the top right of my blog to make your purchase and recieve your free gifts! 

I hope you can squeeze in some creativity into your day! 

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