Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Excitement builds....

I have SO much to tell you I have no idea where to begin!! 

As you will soon see, there is SO much going on  at the moment- lots of very very exciting new products, new collaborations, and lots of savings to be had! Stampin up is a fantastic career opportunity! a great way to earn money, while having so much fun and meeting new friends! Stampin up has made it EASIER to join by adding in a $85 option for those that cant afford  the $169 usual start up fee. (but you can still choose this option if you wish!)
Why join sign up? SAVINGS! you  will start receiving a straight up 20% discount off all your purchases, but you will receive BACK 20% off any sales you make with other crafty people in your life too!! (and who wouldn't want to make your hobby work FOR you???) PLUS there are so many benefits in "Stampin Start" a 6 month incentive program that ensures you get LOTS of freebies!!
Why Join MY team? as a member of my team you will receive as much support as necessary to fulfill your stampin up goals. The team I am in was announced last week as being in the BEST team in Australia at our annual Stampin Up! convention- Why would you go anywhere else, when WE were helped to reach THAT achievement??? The support we receive is tremendous, and I will ensure that YOU will be helped to achieve all your goals!
join NOW, or if you need more details email me today!

 Join up TODAY!

Do you love Scrapbooking, but struggle to find the time to complete projects- Stampin up has Collaborated with Becky Higgins to create this VERY exciting line of pocket based scrapbooking tools! 
Get ready for a scrapbooking Revolution with Project Life! It helps busy people (all of us!) document life using photos and journaling in a quick, simple, and fabulous way.

Isn't this a Fantastic addition to the Stampin up family??? 
it combines so many things that stampin up do So brilliantly already!! 

*Coordination- colours stamps, dies- Stampin Up is GENIUS at this- and it is no different with Project life!
*Products that enter on things that matter the most- Family & Friends. moments that make the every day extraordinary!
* All important Storage- its no good to have wonderful tools, if you cant find them. Stampin Up has storage covered!
*versatility- don't want rounded corners? or want to be able to choose? Stampin Ups exclusive line Offers YOU that choice!

PLUS-Great news! if you join as a demo in the above offer- you can add Project life to your start up kit! (I told you this was an exciting week!!)

I've told you all before my love of Photopolymer- this is an Awesome new Range of products!!
Show and tell 1&2 are available to purchase NOW! 


18 months a go I got the offer to join stampin up. One reason I hesitated for a millisecond was that Stampin up DIDN'T have a range photopolymer stamps (and now they do!!) AND they didn't have alcohol based markers (something that I really wanted to get into...) 
 da-da-da daaaaaaaaaa!!
 Stampin Up is releasing "Blendabilities" their NEW alcohol markers!! 
I cant tell you HOW excited I am- this is SO fantastic!!
Unlike watercolouring (which is AWESOME, of course) you can achieve a STRONG colour, while still blending the colours seamlessly! it makes achieving skin tones, so so easy!! YAY!
I used pics from Erin Burton click on the blendabilities pic to see her sample!
 Erin Burton shows a fantastic example of using them on her blog!

here are the colour ranges that will be available from July.
I want EVERYONE to enjoy this Fabulous colour range- and to make sure that this is achievable Im starting Blendabilities club- a way to get ALL the stamps ink you need to have fun with this amazing new product.
within 3 months YOU can have ALL of these wonderful markers and Ink pad, PLUS have an awesome $50 to spend on how ever you like in one of the months! 
 We can only start purchasing these brilliant products from July, but I already have expressions of interest  from people that are excited as much as I am!
go to the "Blendabilities club" at the top of the page for more info!

With everything thats happening at the moment- Id love to have you join my newsletter list for up to date info on all the fabulous things stampin up has to offer- PLUS the many EXCLUSIVE competitions I run as well for my wonderful supporters! 
Dont forget to check out this weeks weekly deals!!

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