Thursday, 1 May 2014

Photopolymer is HERE!

I cant tell you how excited I was this morning when I saw the news my upline had revealed to us on facebook- Photopolymer is HERE! I know this sounds like a little thing to most people, but before Stampin up, I sort of liked photopolymer. I mean, I didn't like how it cracked, degraded, stained and was useless after a few uses... but i LOVED how you could see through it. i REALLY loved how you could see through it. I find it hard to line things up... so the see through factor appealed to me.... when Stampin up came into my life i thought the clear blocks and stamps that went with them were the answer to my dilemma- and they ARE AWESOME- I mean, you CANT BEAT the image you get from rubber..... but then i started to hear that in the US Stampin up were trying to find Photopolymer that DIDN'T crack, degrade, and stain.....   and it seems that they have been successful in their search! One of the great thing Stampin up is known for is their QUALITY products- and this, Im sure will be no exception!

Show and Tell 1

show and tell 2

show and tell Bundle- with FREE ONLINE CLASS!

This is an awesome addition to our online class- I'm finding that a lot of you by about  the half way mark in the month would LOVE another class- this is a FANTASTIC addition to our classes- the chance to give you some more learning opportunities in the month, with only the cost of the classes!! (Iam hoping it will continue!!)

I am SO excited about this offer, that I am offering an additional prize to those of you that purchase the bundle this month- ( remember this offer ONLY lasts till the 31st of may!! IT WILL NOT BE IN THE NEW CATALOG- new photopolymers will, but this bundle WILL NOT.)
If you make the purchase of the 
show and Tell bundle in the month of May, you will go into the draw to win a stamp set of your choice (you can redeem this in the new catalog if you like) to the value of $30!

If you are a face book member, please like and share my post about this competition, as I would like AS MANY AS possible to have the opportunity to have the chance of winning!! If you are NOT on facebook-  feel free to comment below, and forward this post to as many as possible!!
Id love to hear YOUR thoughts on Photopolymers!! 

Have a great day guys!!

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