Saturday, 1 March 2014

People like you!

Oh it's been a fantastic week, here at Tailored Craftiness HQ! 
As well as launching our online classes, I had a wonderful, at home party! It was so much fun! I'm so proud of the ladies creations, that I wanted to show everyone!! We used the stamp set "people like you" out of the Salebration catalog- this is it here-
It's beautiful isn't it? And I think the sentiment is just gorgeous. And it's only $22.95!! Wow! Here are some samples I did- I only used sections of the stamp, and I showed the girls techniques on doing this. Just because you have a large stamp doesn't mean you HAVE to use it all! :-) 
And here are the wonderful finished pieces- 
Now... My sisters two boys (9&11) (and daughter, 13) came for some fun too- can you pick which ones belonged to them? They did SUCH A GREAT JOB!! Everyone did! 

I also had a fellow demo come from QLD for a visit- Michelle mills! THANKYOU Michelle for your visit- it was fun! You will have to be there on the 20th of march for my next one!
I wish I could make the photo smaller, I look horrendous, but, anyway, there you go. Lol. 

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