Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I noticed of late that people are struggling to have the time to go to traditional at home workshops.
 We LOVE to create, but to get out when we have families to look after, and jobs to go to each day is increasingly hard. So because of this I have decided to create for Australian residents ONLINE CARD CLASSES.  For a limited time, all  CARDSTOCK AND EMBELISHMENTS ARE INCLUDED!!!
I know- exciting right!! only 5$(plus postage)!!!  You will receive all card and embellishments for 3-5 (depending on embellishment costs for that month)

I have noticed too that financially, its getting harder and harder to budget our purchases- so I've made the price REALLY LOW., and because you receive card stock, the only thing you need is a stamp set-
 there are 2 options for the budget class- a 25$ minimum stamp set spend and a 50$ min spend.This enables you to get your stamp set for the months class. If you choose the 50$ order, at the end of our 6 month class term, you will receive a 50$ free gift!! 
Also, because we like to interact with the other members of the class, I have set up a face book group where we can, enter Online games and competitions, display our creations and inspire each other! 
5$ card classes-

In the course of "testing the waters on face book" as it were, I found out there is a need also for new demos who may be in remote locations that might need a little help in learning techniques in for THEIR classes! so I have developed a way that they too can get involved in learning, while still purchasing from their own store. 
It also may suit people who have plenty of gear already, and would LOVE a way to interact with others and maybe win something along the way!
the cost of these classes is $20, and for that you get access to the facebook group, receive the tutorials, and FOR A LIMITED TIME receive all cardstock and embelishments as well
$20 card class-
  I'm really excited about this new way of helping others discover the Joys of papercraft, its something that brings joy not only to the receiver but to the giver too!! 
So why not join our classes, and enjoy developing your craft along with other like minded people!

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