Thursday, 16 May 2013

Face book update!

Hello loyal blog followers!
oh my goodness soooooo much has been happening! tailored to you craft on face book has been going OFF! we have just hit 100 "likes"- so thank you so much for everyones support! There are big things in the pipe line for Tailored to you craft on facebook- so watch this space!

This month also, because of Stampin up!s awesome bonus specials, of 60$ free product when you sign up for the kit, (making the kit now worth 295$ for only 169$) or hold a workshop that gets 400$ in sales (now getting you 120$ free!!!), Ive been doing lots of in home workshops too!
 Do you want to pick up some free Stampin Up! gear? *REMEMBER THIS OFFER STILL APPLY S UNTIL THE 30TH OF MAY! So get in quick!!
I would love 120$ of free Stampin Up! gear....But - (your'e thinking...)- ..... I don't have time to host a party!........(or) .......all my friends live interstate.... (or)....... what do i do with the kids (or hubbie, lol)..... (or) id have to clean/cook!! no way i don't have time!!
These things are all valid concerns- we are all so busy now-days  which is why we love sites like Face book- well..... (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) now you can PARTY ON LINE- on Facebook!  and get the same benefits  no drama, no fuss, and your "guests" get about a week to decide! PLUS there are freebys for YOU AND ALL WHO BUY THROUGH YOUR PARTY!! plus you are eligible for all the benefits of a traditional party!
if you think this is a fantastic idea, and you would like to know how- please email me and Ill send you through a tutorial of all the benefits  and how we do it (so you reap all the rewards-) the benefits all come down to a hostess code that I will give you when you book! YAY SUPER SUPER SUPER EASY!

Oh almost forgot! we had our punch art class this week- concentrating on the owl builder punch-

 I have a workshop planned for this weekend and 2 next week- so very busy at home workshops-
  2 people that are taking up the offer in Tassie to join my team and sign up for the offer of the kit for 169$ and get 295$  worth of product and a FREE 1/2 hour massage!  at Tailored to you massage ( like us on facebook!) 


until next time! pet x


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