Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hello to the neighborhood!

Hello!! today is so beautiful here in Evandale- Autumn is one of my fave months- cool, (not too cold yet...) and an abundance in the vegie patch! i have peas, lettuce, broccoli growing, I'm still harvesting the last of my tomatoes, pumpkin vines are drying off- soon we will be harvesting them.... and STILL getting strawbs by the punnet load! yay!

We have a beautiful new cafe in our local Evandale area, called the heavenly cafe- its beautifully located, beautifully decorated, and stocked with all sorts of yummy goodies- (ill try and get a pic of it tomorrow..... and you will see why i went for the pink and black theme....) if you are in the area, visit it- you wont regret it! I had a yummo triple choc cheesecake there.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
anyway I digress...I had a nice chat to the owners, and I decided to make a card to welcome them to the area- here it is: what do you think?
I'm not entirely happy with my watermark (little signature on the bottom) but ill work at it some more.....
love to hear your comments!
So this week I'm going to keep up the 5 cards in 5 days again- it was a nice little outlet last week. why dont you give it a crack too? (that means you Paris!!)
have a great day!
pet x

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