Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My first demo! (Post demo)

Well, the day did not start well. We had torrential rains for pretty much the whole day- I was SURE no one would come. I sent out a few texts confirming numbers, and mostly everyone was still happy to come despite the weather..... It's nice to be holed up inside creating things for those you love, on a rainy day though isn't it?........ So that was a relief.
At 6 sharp, people started arriving, there was coffee, cupcakes, and a platter of cheeses to be had, but much to my surprise but everyone just wanted to get started!! That's a good lesson to hostesses- keep it as simple as possible!! So- we started. I've done this so many times before, (for friends, my nieces and nephews) but I was so nervous! It was silly!! The ladies were lovely, and we had so much fun.
It was such a pleasure to help everyone, and get the, creating something beautiful. They all did too.... I look forward to doing it again, on the 8 th of April. Please feel free to email or text me if you re in the Evandale area in Tasmania and wish to come!

card by Lucy Buchanan


  1. That looks like so much fun! I wish I was there. The card looks gorgeous.

  2. Awesome!! Such a load of fun! ;)


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