Saturday, 30 March 2013


hello my friends! i hope you are having a great long weekend! I have some wonderful news to announce! if you look up on the top tabs, you will notice a new one- Product club- what may this mean i hear you wondering .......... well! let me explain!!
many. many, MANY of you have loooooong wish lists! i know I do! and sometimes the budget just doesn't stretch that far so that we can get all that we would like- well our product club is the ANSWER! 
all you have to be able to do is commit to receiving 50$ worth of product a month (minimum- you can purchase more if desire) for 6 months-orders- orders must be in before the 20th (once you have registered  ill text you each month to remind you,) of each month- and in one of the months in the 6 month period, you get a 50$ purchase FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  isnt that great?
 only 50$ minimum spend every month, freebies along the way to develop your craft, to try new things, and 50$ free to spend! 
so- feel free to sign up! 
have a great long weekend!!
Pet x

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