Thursday, 25 July 2013

Got to love Facebook!

Hello everybody!
Well its been  awhile- I'm sorry bout that!! The Tailor residence has been flat out!! lol But I want you to see what I've been Up to!!!!!!!
ONLINE PARTIES! They are going OFF! as well as some recent orders in my online store (some news about this also...) I've hosted a few Stampin Up! parties on facebook. In each party I've managed to get the Hostess 100$ FREE Stampin Up! goodies, PLUS any item they choose (THINK- BIGSHOT GUYS!!) at 1/2 price! at one of the parties, we got sales high enough to get the hostess 130$ free goodies and 2 items half price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not only that, but the guests to the parties received free goodies too! this is a pic of some gift bundles I am posting out to people who bought at these parties- AND even  if people didn't buy, but registered only- they got a free tutorial for a tri fold card! winners all around!
gift bundles for those that bought during our online parties (with a few competition prizes for those that won in my online parties!)
Why don't you visit me on face book and book one! - Stampin' Up distributor Tailored to you craft


Speaking of getting Stampin' Up! gear..... 
To my recent (and future) Stampin Up! customers-
To everyone who has bought at my store (www. this month....
you are in the running to win this  AWESOME Stamp set!!

How awesome is THAT- and the response has been so awesome, I am going to have a draw EVERY MONTH!! 
EVERYONE, including product club participants, go in to the draw- BUT ALL PURCHASES MUST BE ATTACHED TO A HOSTESS CODE- so if you are unsure of what code you should attach your purchase to- please email me!!

I DON'T want you to miss out being in the draw!!


Have you seen the NEW catalog yet? there are some amazing new products!
Do you have a Big Shot? 
Arent they JUST THE BEST???? 
I couldn't do without mine! 
 Here is something that will be the new must have! a magnetic platform!!
How Brilliant is that???
Would you like to order yours- or even LAYBY IT??? 
Stampin Up! underestimated the response to it, and sold 13 weeks stock in only 3 weeks! amazing!!
Id be happy to order it for you we could "layby it!!" email me on the above address!!  

magnetic platform- only $69.95!!


check out the new catty guys!!
Click on catalog, and check it out!! Heaps of awesome new Stampin up gear!!
let me get you some Free gear!!

I want to thank you all for for your loyal support! I'd really like to help you with your wish lists- contact me soon!!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wildflower meadow

Hi just wanted to quickly post something from the new catalog! It's using the wildflower meadow stamp and embossing folder coordinating set, plus label love stamp set and coordinating punch! I will post a tutorial of how to achieve the background shortly!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Here's some cards I made over the long weekend!
Don't forget guys I'm taking orders for the new catalog out at the end of the month..( I've got a copy- it's AWESOME!!!!)......
Also until the 24th of June we are drawing our winners of the competition we are running to raise funds to go towards cancer research.... 80 Stampin up prizes to be had! Get in quick! ( the link is below, and I'll add it here later today!!)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hostess Codes Bonus offer

 hello everyone- ive done this 3 times today and keep losing the info- (AHHHHH computers!!) so ill be quick! lol
Every one that makes an order and uses this hostess code-UF2RZWK6  will get a FREE 6'x6' designer series paper pack- with the refeshed Stampin Up! colors! 

where do you use the Hostess code I Hear you ask- see the picture above and the circled are!
if you click on the above button the entire retired  list is listed!

I will come back tomorrow and post the other 2 lots of info i was trying to post, lol Ive run out of time!!
Pet x

Thursday, 30 May 2013

End of 2012-2013 annual catalog!!

With the new catalog coming out at the end of June, every year Stampin Up! Retires its discontinued lines, at extremely good prices! Up to 60% off. As we get closer to july, more discounts will become available. With a final clearance rack close to the new catalog release-To go to the retired list (from midnight tonight!) you can click on the link below. It will be updated with products on the 31st of may- (starting midnight !) This Friday!!!! Click on the link below, create an account and get those bargins!! Enjoy!
First in best dressed, so get in quick!

Looking to grab some great hostess gifts with out the hassle of having a party? Have an ONLINE face book party- potential to get some great freebys for yourself AND your friends- be a hostess for an online party go to stampin up distributor tailored to you craft on face book email me now!!

Some of my latest cards! I am so loving the Stampin Up! secret garden set of stamps, and the matching secret garden framelets! They are so beautiful!! - and so easy to use!!they are on page 17 of the seasonal catalog-

Sunday, 26 May 2013

350 likes on Facebook!

Hello everyone! We have been so busy! The starter kit special has been snapped up- and with the highest quality craft products at such an unbelievable price why wouldn't you???? 295$ for only 169$???? Amazing! And for anybody that signs up before Monday night, a free 6x6 designer series paper pack goes out to YOU!

My face book site Stampin up! Distributor, Tailored to you craft, has now got over 350 likes! And is still going up- have you had a look?
I have a competition running on there at the moment, with a goal of raising money for the cancer council of Victoria " I will for cancer". Our team ( the crazy crafters) has set a goal of 2000$ by June 24. There are 80 Stampin Up! Prizes up for grabs!
All you have to do is:
- register- (this is really important as winners will be picked from the ones that have registered) here is the link-
-Donate (the link to our site, Kylies "I will for cancer" site is on the registration form)
-Like my Facebook PAGE (tailored to you craft) and share the photo. (if you are not on Facebook, don't worry just do the first 2 steps)

I've had 2 workshops this past week- I told you I've been busy!- ill post pics tomorrow! I love hearing from you all- please let me know what you think of the blog!!
Be back soon!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Face book update!

Hello loyal blog followers!
oh my goodness soooooo much has been happening! tailored to you craft on face book has been going OFF! we have just hit 100 "likes"- so thank you so much for everyones support! There are big things in the pipe line for Tailored to you craft on facebook- so watch this space!

This month also, because of Stampin up!s awesome bonus specials, of 60$ free product when you sign up for the kit, (making the kit now worth 295$ for only 169$) or hold a workshop that gets 400$ in sales (now getting you 120$ free!!!), Ive been doing lots of in home workshops too!
 Do you want to pick up some free Stampin Up! gear? *REMEMBER THIS OFFER STILL APPLY S UNTIL THE 30TH OF MAY! So get in quick!!
I would love 120$ of free Stampin Up! gear....But - (your'e thinking...)- ..... I don't have time to host a party!........(or) .......all my friends live interstate.... (or)....... what do i do with the kids (or hubbie, lol)..... (or) id have to clean/cook!! no way i don't have time!!
These things are all valid concerns- we are all so busy now-days  which is why we love sites like Face book- well..... (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) now you can PARTY ON LINE- on Facebook!  and get the same benefits  no drama, no fuss, and your "guests" get about a week to decide! PLUS there are freebys for YOU AND ALL WHO BUY THROUGH YOUR PARTY!! plus you are eligible for all the benefits of a traditional party!
if you think this is a fantastic idea, and you would like to know how- please email me and Ill send you through a tutorial of all the benefits  and how we do it (so you reap all the rewards-) the benefits all come down to a hostess code that I will give you when you book! YAY SUPER SUPER SUPER EASY!

Oh almost forgot! we had our punch art class this week- concentrating on the owl builder punch-

 I have a workshop planned for this weekend and 2 next week- so very busy at home workshops-
  2 people that are taking up the offer in Tassie to join my team and sign up for the offer of the kit for 169$ and get 295$  worth of product and a FREE 1/2 hour massage!  at Tailored to you massage ( like us on facebook!) 


until next time! pet x


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fun Saturday workshop

Hello crafty friends! Teagan took up the fantastic opportunity for extra free stampin up gear today and had a workshop- just wanted o share some pics of the fun we had today!!would you like to have a go- and get some free stampin up gear? Email me! We will arrange a time that suits you!

Or if you would like the benifits of a workshop with out the organising of one, check out my product club- still get some freebys, without ever having to have a workshop! Click the tab above to find out more!!

Friday, 19 April 2013

starter kit- to sell or not to sell?

Good morning everyone!!
just a quick blog update today on Stampin up! s awesome special for those that are thinking of getting the starter kit- normally for 169$ for YOUR CHOICE of anything in the annual catalog up to the value of 235$ that's pretty good huh?
WELL- at the moment (until the 30th of may), for the same price, 169$ you get YOUR CHOICE of 295$ of STAMPIN UP gear!!! awesome awesome deal.

But, I hear some of you say, I don't want to sell stuff.... Well that's fine! you are under NO OBLIGATION to sell even one thing! you  can let your demonstrator title slide completely, or just keep up the minimum 400$ (300$ with 20% off) per quarter to keep your 20% discount going. Totally up to you! no questions asked!

If you are thinking... well actually id love to make a little money out of this to PAY for my craft needs (or provide a little income (or large income)... well let me tell you, it IS POSSIBLE! and if you decide to join, you would be in the (I believe .) BEST TEAM IN AUSTRALIA to do so!! all up the team is about 60 (it almost grows daily, lol) and I can give you help you need to be able to make your stampin up dream a reality. my up-line is teaching me, and I will pass this knowledge on to you- and its easy!

You may be wondering why I joined?
Well- that's a story that started a long time ago- I got introduced to stampin up many, many years ago, (I've been paper-crafting for 10 years) and I saw the quality of the stampin up product way back then, and even then I thought, I could sell this stuff.... but I didn't do anything about it, having had been a demonstrator for another company years ago and having been burned... totally another story!!
well.. time passes and we move states (Tasmania-not many quality craft stores in Launceston!!) and I didn't come into contact with another demo for a very long time, until I was google-ing craft products one day, and stumbled upon a last name I knew- a friend got married and his wife had become a stampin up demonstrator- I contacted her to get a catalog   and that was it. I LOVED stampin up gear again.... but the time STILL wasn't right. My Brother in law was diagnosed with cancer. we were engulfed in a really terrible time. I emailed Kylie a few times during this ordeal, but I wasn't up to doing anything to be quite honest. all else took a back seat. of course, I still used my gear, its therapeutic - in fact it helped a lot! it took me out of my world of worry for my family, (briefly) into a world of colors, ribbons and glitter... but I had absolutely  no thought of pursuing work.
In March this year my wonderful brother in law passed away....... It was  highly highly traumatic. Also during this same month my wonderful husbands work pretty much dried up- (hes a tiler and runs Gecko tiling ) so we were in a bit of a pickle.
 After the funeral  I happened to get a Stampin up Newsletter from Kylie. I hadn't spoken to her in a long while so, I texted her that I was sorry I hadn't contacted her, and told her what had happened- she rang me and we had an hour long conversation- she was great! she told me about her experience with Stampin up, how she had gone from a new demonstrator to one of the leading ones in Australia in 4 years, qualifying to go on stampin ups grand holiday to america this year!!  and how this was possible for me too- and told me how she did it- I was amazed, and flabbergasted. I believe ANYONE can do this! I'm very new in my journey with Stampin up, but I am on my way-  and I promise to show you how too if you join our team!

so, if you have any other questions DON'T HESITATE to contact me via email- or check out the tab above "starter Kit" it has a FAQ answered on that page. I hope to hear from you soon!!-

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Do YOU want to win?

The subject line may be a little intriguing- ill explain in a moment!!

Well Good morning guys- busy busy busy today!! I hope you are well and are getting the opportunity to create this week!!
I've got a few pics to to show you today-
We had our workshop last week- (sorry about the delay in posting these guys!!) it was SO much fun, embossing was the topic and everyone did a magic job!

We did a combination of dry embossing (using the big shot, and embossing folders) and wet embossing- using embossing powders and a heat gun.
Here are some pics!
Jo Bradys card- such a great use of colour! 

lucy hard at work!

Naomi is focused! 

Naomis card- lovely! The embossing looked fantastic!!

Lyn Chapmans card- wouldnt you love to get this if you were feeling unwell??? fantastic job!

Lucys card- awesome isnt it?

Awesome huh? Didnt the girls do a brilliant job!!- and some of them are very new to papercrafting- but you wouldnt know it to look at their creations!

 If you would like to join in the fun our next workshop is-
Topic- punch art
Date- monday the 6th of may
Time- 6.30 pm
Cost- 10$
RSVP- 3rd of may please! (I've got to cut and prepare the card stock and I need to know how much to prepare....Of course last min newcomers are always welcome- just please text or ring me, so I can grab a bit extra gear!)

I've done a few extra projects that I'd like to share- what do you think of these? The orange one is my favourite- and so so easy!!-

They all use stampin up card stock- (of course)
The up in the air card uses stamps from the up up and away set ( beautiful, although I don't think I've hit my peak with this stamp set- I have so many ideas!!!) su designer series paper, and su buttons

The orange embossed card uses a stamp from the elements if style stamp set, the petite sentiment stamp (? Might have got the name wrong!) and punch set (some of you got these free at my last workshop- aren't they great? AND so easy to use!!) the little hearts are from the owl builder punch set. I love the shape of this heart, I use it a lot! Also it has the colour coordinated SU ribbon

Probebly the easiest card is my thanks a million card, it uses a big shot sizzix embossing folder for the embossed card stock at the back. Then, a few circles cut out of some patterned paper, with the sizzix circles2# die ( and a su punch) . Thanks a million was stamped and embossed with gold embossing powder. Backed on to silver card stock, and mounted with dimensionals  Easy! Great masculine card, and EASY!! Hope they inspire you too!!

Ok, the last little reminder, because I have lots of stampin up news and specials to pass on, I'd love a few more emails to send out my newsletter to... And my competition is nearing to a close..... So please, sign up to my mailing list (top right hand corner of the blog page) and be in the draw to win my stampin up card making kit!!
just sign up to be on Tailored to you crafts mailing list!!  (the link isnt active in the bottom picture- go to the top right of my blog and click on the "Join our mailing list" button)
 thats it!!

Anyway, have a great week and weave some creativity in every day....... :-)